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Campbell’s Soup Canswas an artwork created by Andy Warhol in 1962.

Warhol created 32 canvases ofeach individual flavour sold by Campbell’s Soup, and displayed them on shelves,like how they would look as if in a grocery store. The subject matter in Warhol’sartwork was the variety of flavours of the soup cans. Andy Warhol was acommercial artist, and a very highly paid commercial illustrator. According tothe National Gallery of Victoria, Warhol, through his artworks, explored lifeand politics, as well as the ‘American Century’.

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Similarly, Ai Weiwei alsoexplored life and cultural politics through his art, as well as thecontemporary life, and the ‘Chinese Century’. Coloured Vases was created by Ai Weiwei in 2008. This artworkconfronts people’s beliefs on rarity, authenticity, and value.The first thing people see when looking at Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans, are of course, thecans of soup. This artwork to many viewers may seem repetitive, but they aredifferent when looked at closer. The names (the flavours) on the cans are alldifferent, and when closely inspected, it can be seen that the colours andtones of each can are slightly different. According to a website, Mental Floss,the cans weren’t one hundred percent identical as some of the cans were missingsome details but the cans of soup were identical in shape and size. The reasonbehind Warhol creating this artwork was Warhol had asked one of his friends foran idea of what next to paint, and his friend had mentioned painting somethingthat people would recognise “like Campbell’s Soup”, and Warhol had foundinspiration in that and decided to buy cans of Campbell’s Soup and painting thecans on canvases.

There were many people who found this artwork interestingbecause of how simple it was, but then again, there were some people thatdisliked it. This artwork made history and showed Warhol’s out-of-the-boxcreativity. It showed his individuality, and the cans of soup were easilyrecognisable by viewers, mostly Americans. The well-known label of the Campbell’sSoup cans was recognised by people despite their social or economic statusesbecause this soup brand was cheap and able to be bought by almost everybody. Warhol’s Campbell’sSoup Cans was created using a type of printmaking process that was usedmainly for commercials. Andy Warhol used the photo-silkscreen process, and thisbecame Warhol’s signature medium.


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