Cameron is Application layer which basically provides application

             CameronWilliams                                                         Assignment 2                                                         CS 105                                                         1/21/2018                                              1)     Assembly languageis a machine language that humans can’t program correctly. In this languageeverything is written in binary. The reason why this is so user friendly isbecause the language is very low-level programming languages, because it’s soclose to machine code.2)     The differencebetween high level and low level programming. High level languages uses anindependent platform uses programs written in High Level language can run ondifferent hardware or with different configuration. Now for low level languageplatform is a dependent that uses Low Level written language that can run onthe same hardware with same configuration but you cannot run them on hardwarethat has different configuration.

3)     My daily lifewithout the internet would be so different. I honestly don’t know what I woulddo without the internet as bad as that sounds. Almost all of my dailyactivities have something to do with the internet. So I would have to stayagain without the internet I would be in some trouble.4)     The first protocolof internet communication is Physical layer with does binary digits bits on aphysical communication channel. Number two is Data link Layer with creates abit pipe with two machines that are connected by a communication link. Numberthree is Network layer which uses two layers for protocol stack to enable totransmit code to create addressing scheme for all networks.

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Number four istransport layer has a large multistory office that builds tenants like forexample John Smith 329 Main St.  Greenville,South Carolina. Number five is Application layer which basically providesapplication to programs and users. 5)     The things that Iwould implement is an antivirus protects against viruses, and worms. I wouldalso spyware which is a defender that prevents malware types from infectingyour computer or laptop. There are also antivirus you can download to your computeror laptop to help fight viruses as well.

6)     In the last 12months there was a virus that stole thousands of emails from Target costingthem a lot of money. According to   “TheKlez virus, for example, stole confidential emails and spreads them around theweb via mass emails, in some instances costing millions of dollars in damagesdue to jamming networks with mass emailing. In anotherfamous instance, hackers used viruses to steal 40 million credit card numbersfrom Target, costing the company $148 million dollars to recover.

” There arethousands of hackers that hack these big company every year costing themmillions or even billions every year. This virus stood out to me the mostbecause I shop at Target a lot.            References


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