Cambodia Chinese firm had been investing and providing

Cambodia has been receiving a huge military support from China Since 1997. The relationship between China and Cambodia under Prime Minister Hun Sen, a pro-Vietnamese leader and also known as a defector during the occupation of Vietnam, has been developing significantly. Flashback in 1997, China disenchanted with Prince Norodom Ranariddh, Hun Sen’s political opponent, and his FUNCINPEC party since Prince Ranariddh had established a closer relationship with Taiwan, which is claimed by China. After the coup deta in 1997, Hun Sen have obtained authority and become Prime minister of Cambodia until nowadays. Furthermore, Cambodia faced economic sanction that was set by Western countries after the coup in 1997. Thus, Cambodia was trying to build a close relationship with China by supporting the reunification of Taiwan with China in an incentive of facilitating the economic system in Cambodia, so Cambodia could receive money for buying weapons against Vietnamese influence in the region. In 1978, for instance, China had supplied both political and military assistance for the Khmer Rouge during the invasion of Vietnamese. Moreover, China went to war with Vietnam along the border of China-Vietnam in an intention of forcing Vietnam to pull out the troop from Cambodia. In term of supports from China, Cambodia had received vehicles, military uniforms, money and military discipline in southern Cambodia. From 2011 to 2015 Chinese firm had been investing and providing loans in Cambodia up to 70% of the country’s total industrial investment accounting for nearly 5 billion dollar. Chinese investment in Cambodia mostly run garments, factories and especially participated in construction, mining, infrastructure and hydropower. Beside that Chinese carry massive land concession at least 369,000 hectares to grow sugar, rubber, paper and other crops. In order to response with Chinese firms Cambodia have also bended the rule of laws to facilitate for them such as building a luxury resort inside a national park, the country’s main port. Additionally, some of Chinese firms won over Cambodian coastline for development right up to 20%. Even though Cambodia received a huge military aid from China, Cambodia still needs some help on Economic as well.


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