Cadbury of the world-renowned famous chocolate brands. In

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate has become one of the world-renowned famous chocolate brands.

In fact, the purple and gold colour palette has always been consistent since its launch in 1905. Compared to last time, Cadbury attracts new customers with the design of appealing decorative packaging. Unlike today, Cadbury focus on the chocolate and imagery that represents the company’s famous catch phrase that is “a glass and a half of full cream milk in every bar”.The new era has changed a new look for Dairy Milk with a brighter purple, featuring the ‘liquid’ 3D like background and the slightly curved Dairy Milk font. It also indicated the use of new ‘a glass and a half’ logo and it is more like realistic image, pouring milk into a chunk of Dairy Milk instead of a plain background.Starting from 2003, Cadbury logo has evolved to a swirling purple oval, and a new white, bevelled, slightly squashed typeface, with the ‘s’ removed.

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The new Cadbury logo has changed to a completely flat, clean, purple background and the last remnants of the old ‘swirl. Finally, Cadbury Logo has been changed to small letter after the brief uses in the 1952-1961.


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