Cacao “substance of happiness”) is contained is raw

                                                     Cacao Scientific studies that talk about the incredible benefits ofchocolate do not refer to the product we buy in stores (commercial chocolate,processed, refined, etc.). They refer to raw cocoa. Raw cocoa is obtained bycold pressing of non-fried or heat processed cocoa beans.

In this way, Cacaoenzymes are kept and fat is removed. Cocoa looks somewhat the same, but it’snot. Cocoa powder is raw cocoa that has been fried at high temperatures.Unfortunately, this process alters the molecular structure of Cacao, reducingby up to 90% the content of enzymes and nutrients.

For example, one of the amino acids that aboundin raw cocoa, tryptophan, is completely destroyed at boiling point. Anothercomponent, phenylethylamine (a class of chemicals produced by the body when wefall in love, with an important role in amplifying lucidity and concentrationpower) is destroyed in the roasting of Cocoa beans. Omega 6, one of the mostbeneficial fatty acids, but which can not be synthesized by the human body, isfound in raw cocoa. In processed Cocoa, omega 6 rots and can cause inflammatoryreactions in the body.Let’s seewhat health benefits are: – The only food in which anandamide (anendorphin that the human body produces after exercise, also known as the”substance of happiness”) is contained is raw Cacao.

– Cacao also contains a number of chemicalsthat prevent inflammation of the walls of the blood vessels. -Reduces insulin resistance – It protects the nervous system. Cacao containshigh-dose resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant known for its ability to pass thebarrier between blood and the brain, helping to protect the nervous system.

– Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseasedue to antioxidants that maintain a healthy level of Nitric Oxide in the body.The real benefit from this point of view is the fact that Nitric Oxide has realheart benefits, such as relaxing blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.- Reduces the risk of heart attack – It reducesblood pressure – Protects against toxins due to the powerful anti-oxidanteffect that repairs free radical damage and can reduce the risk associated withcertain types of cancer. In practice, Crude Cocoa contains much moreanti-oxidants per 100g than Acai, Goji or Blueberry. – Improves mood: Crude cocoa can increase thelevel of certain neuro-transmitters, which promotes a well-being in the body.

-The same chemical that occurs in the body when we fall in love is present inCocoa: phenylethylamine – 9 g of cocoa contain the recommended daily dosage ofiron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper), vitamins, tryptophan and triptamineserotonin (mood-enhancing substances), omega 6 fatty acids.Research in food chemistry shows that dairy products inhibitthe absorption of antioxidants from raw Cacao. The chocolate we find in stores(which you must not forget is only 10% of the raw product) does not lack milk.You can figure out by yourself that, because dairy products inhibit theabsorption of antioxidants from raw cacao, combining these two can harm yourbody. If you still want to enjoy the “commercial” chocolate taste -there are enough chocolate options with a high Cocoa content – 50%, 70% andeven more.

These are the best options, in the absence of the raw product,Cacao.


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