C0MPAY number 0f clients thr0ugh m0re tha






                             M0HD HALEEM

                             B.C0M (H) IV A



                                   UNDER GUIDANCE


                            DR. AVITI GUPTA

                            ASS0CIATE PR0FESS0R

                            ABS, AMITY






                                 THE BATA INDIA LTD


The Bata India ,It is 0ne 0f the biggest & the 0ldest
retailer & als0 the driving pr0ducer 0f f00twear in India & it is a
piece 0f the Bata Sh0e 0rgaizati0n.

C0ns0lideted as Bata Sh0e C0mpay Private Ltd in the
1931, the 0rgaizati0n was set up at first as 0n a little 0perati0n in c0nnagar
(cl0se t0 Calcutta) in the year 1932. In Jauary 1934, the establisment st0ne f0r
the princepal w0rking 0f Bata’s 0perati0n – n0w called Bata. In the years that has
t00k after the generel site was multiplied in the regi0n. This t0wnship is
prevalent1y kn0wn as the Bata nagar. It was additi0nally the principal pr0ducing
0ffice in the India sh0e industry t0 get the IS0: 9001 accreditati0n.

The C0mpay 0pened up t0 the w0rld in 1973 when it chagged
its name t0 Bata India Ltd. T0day, Bata India has bui1t up itself as the India’s
biggest f00twear reteler. Bata India’s retail system 0f m0re tha 1200 st0res
give it a rage/sc0pe that the n0 0ther f00twear 0rgaizati0n ca c0rdinate. The
st0res are available in the great areas & it ca als0 be f0und in every 0ne 0f
the metr0s smaler tha the usual metr0s & the t0wns

Bata’s briliat l00king new st0res b0lstered by a sc0pe
0f beter quality items are g0ne f0r the 0fering a beter sh0ping kn0wledge tha
the its clients.

The C0mpay in aditi0nally w0rks a expasive n0n   retail
dissemineti0n arage thr0ugh its urba  disc0unt divisi0n & takes int0 ac0unt a
huge number 0f clients thr0ugh m0re tha 30000 merchents.





                   INTR0DUCTI0N T0 INDUSTRY


India calfskin industry is the center quality 0f the
India f00twear industry. It is the m0t0r 0f devel0pment f0r the wh0le India c0whide
industry & India is the sec0nd biggest w0rldwide maker 0f f00twear after
China. Rum0red w0rldwide br&s like Fl0rsheim, Nunn Bush, Stacy Adams, Gab0r,
Clarks, Nike, Reeb0k, Ecc0, Deichman, Elephatine, St Michaels, Hasley, Salam&er
& C0lehaa are pr0duced under permit in India. Plus, numer0us w0rldwide
retail chains l00king f0r quality items at aggressive c0sts are currently s0urcing
f00twear fr0m India. While calfskin sh0es & uppers are created in medium t0
vast scale units, the sh0es & chappals are delivered in the family &
cabin part. The business is balaced f0r receiving the advaced & best in
class inn0vati0n t0 suit the dem&ing gl0bal necessities & measures.
India delivers a greater am0unt 0f gent’s f00twear while the w0rld’s significat
creati0n is in w0men f00twear. 0n acc0unt 0f h0uses 0f prayer & sh0es,
utilizati0n 0f n0n-c0whide material is c0mm0n in the residential market. C0whide
f00twear traded fr0m India are dress sh0es, casuals, slippers, d0n sh0es, h0rrachies,
sh0es, ballet perf0rmers, b00ts. N0n-calfskin f00twear sent 0ut fr0m India is
Sh0es, S&als & Chappals made 0f elastic, plastic, P.V.C. what’s m0re,
different materials. With chaging ways 0f life & exp luxuri0usness,
residential interest f0r f00twear is aticipated t0 devel0p at a quicker rate tha
has been seen. There are as 0f n0w numer0us new l0cal br 0f f00twear &
numer0us 0utside br, f0r example, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reeb0k, Fl0rsheim,
R0ckp0rt, & s0 0n have likewise p0ssessed the capacity t0 enter the market.
The f00twear divisi0n has devel0ped fr0m the level 0f maual f00twear
fabricating strategies t0 r0b0tized f00twear pr0ducing framew0rks. Numer0us
units are 0utfitted with In-h0use Design Studi0s j0ining cutting edge CAD framw0rks
having 3D Sh0e Design packages that are natural & simple t0 utilize. Numr0us
India f00twear pr0ducti0n lines have additi0nally pr0cured the IS0 9000, IS0 14000
& in additi0n the SA 8000 affirmati0ns. Magneficent 0ffices f0r Physical &
Chemical testing exist with the research centers having tie-ups with driving
universal 0rgaizati0ns like SATRA, UK & PFI, Germay.








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