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By not abusing their power the body worn Camera builds confidence for the public and the police force overall.

There was a pile project which took place with “85 officers with 43 division, 55 division, Traffic services and the Toronto Anti-Violence intervention strategy (TAVIS) ” (Fox, 2016). They were all outfitted with the body camera. Once the officers had begun using the body worn cameras more and more of them liked the idea because in the report it was proved that the cameras were more valuable when it came down to resolving any sort of complaints between the public and the officers. It helped to clear the officers involved.   Body cameras “provide an unbiased, independent account of police/community interactions” according to a Toronto Police statement.  They are seen as a solution for dealing with conflict and incidents that involve the police. This means that if the public questions the accountability that comes from police, it will make those that question them feel more confident that the police are doing their job properly.

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Due to the number of rising calls of complaints towards police brutality.  Many officers are also towards the idea of body camera’s more so then cellphones, because cellphones sometimes can cause aggression towards both parties.  This means that the amount of false complains laid upon by the public will be reduced because the evidence which is provided is not tampered with. In general “video evidence… provides the public with crucial information about how police operate” as Peter Bibring wrote in a blog post on the ACLU website. Peter Bibring also used and example about how a body camera recorded the murder that took place between an officer and a citizen; in this recording “we know what happened- we may not have all the evidence the grand jury had, but we know a lot more than if no video existed”.

Because of this it gives citizens in general  reassurance that if false complains are laid towards officers or anyone in general  there will be no unnecessary charges laid upon if the evidence does not match to the video.   . 


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