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By: Sarah ChapmanCase #: 2759255Name: Emma Murphy, age 8Assigned Monster: “Undetermined”Status: Utter DisasterI stare down at the case file in utter frustration. I was out of options. Over the past 5 years, every monster I assigned to Emma Murphy had quit. Her first monster was a giant humanoid serpent named Louis and he was a first scare level monster. He had only lasted for two years before she was no longer afraid of him. I wasn’t worried at first; children becoming accustomed to their monster was not a rare occurrence. I had simply put her file in a pile with others like her and set it aside to deal with it later. My job was to assign monsters to scare children. We were the monsters in children’s closets, under the bed, and hiding in the shadows. It may seem cruel but it’s tradition.  Once I had gotten around to dismissing Louis and assigning a new monster to Emma I expected never to hear about it again. Only once in a blue moon that I would have to assign a third monster to a child. So, when I saw the case file reappear on my desk I had been surprised. This little girl seemed nice enough. Usually assigning a third monster was reserved to really horrid children. Since I had not observed this child yet and really had no intention of doing so, I had just decided to assign one of our department’s second scare level monster. Her name was Attenit and sometimes she even scared other monsters. But, to my dismay, she returned to my office a month after being assigned. Attenit had stormed into the room and plopped down onto the chair across from my desk. She had demanded to be reassigned because the child was “uncooperative” whatever that meant. By department standards, I was supposed to ask her a series of questions but she was known for a fiery temper, so I decided to bypass this process. I had ended up re-assigning her to a young boy named Tyler Kelly. She has been happily placed there for four years now. I sighed again. I had to get back to the task at hand.I looked back down at her file and at the available monsters. There were only two monsters left; myself and Gahscul. But I knew that there was no way I could assign Gahscul to Emma. Gahscul was a third scare level monster. No eight year old deserved that. Third scare level monsters were normally used for the worst kids in their rebellious teen years. I had no choice but to write my own name down next to the assigned monster category on Emma’s file. Instead of “Undetermined” the category now read;Assigned Monster: Chester SpringfieldDo not assume that with that harmless seeming name I was not scary. Many a monster had made that mistake when they had come into my office for an interview. They always seemed momentarily frightened before they collected themselves. I would admit I could seem quite terrifying. Fieldwork has never and will never be my cup of tea but desperate times call for desperate measures. So, at 8:00 p.m when Mrs. Murphy tucked Emma and her younger brother Alexander into bed I slither into the space between the bottom of Emma’s bed and the floor. Across from me under Alexander’s crib is a first scare level monster named Aimwraith. He whispered a word of good luck as I prepared for the moment. I was itching to see why no monster could stay with this girl. As a monster myself I try pretty hard not to discriminate but occasionally it could be difficult. As I realize Emma is falling into the “Still Awake but Barely” phase of sleep I quickly turn my attention to her. I slowly slither out one of my arms from under the bed and run a long finger across her cheek. She instantly wakes up.”I’m not afraid of you monster!” she whispers while shivering slightly. I jerk back. A child has never spoken to me before. Normally they just call for their parents or start wailing. I am quite surprised but decide that I must have been hearing things. I repeat the same motion of moving my hand across her cheek but to my dismay, I again get the same statement from Emma. I turn to read the clock. 8:17 p.m. Had it really only been 17 minutes? I quickly glance at Aimwraith but all I get from him is an amused shrug. I decided to try another tactic. I begin to rise to my full height when I hear the slamming of doors downstairs and yelling. I am aware that Emma and Alexander have no other siblings and it sounds like adults arguing so I can only assume it’s her parents. Emma throws a quick glance towards me before running across the room to slow Alexanders crying. I start to piece things together. Alexanders crying, Emma’s start when she heard the doors and the yelling, and why every monster that returned from this assignment seemed shaken. I suddenly realized why Emma was not afraid of any of the monsters I sent her; she’s afraid of her own. It was then that I decided I would be Emma’s protector until she grew old enough to protect herself or get help. I help Emma climb back into bed after she finally stops resisting my grasp. I kiss her on the forehead and whisper the first words I have ever said to a child. “I’ll be back tomorrow night Emma, and don’t worry I will protect you.”Man, will the department be mad at me for this one.


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