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Businesses can take advantage ofsocial media as it is free to use, they can promote their product or servicesthrough many apps for example Instagram. Now thatInstagram feeds are arranged by popularity rather than in chronological order,it’s more challenging to get visibility for your business.Posting Instagram stories can help you get in front of your targetaudience. Instagram also lets you include links and mentions in your stories, which will make it easier for viewersto browse and shop your products. For example, Take a look at this Instagramstory from social media influencer CailaQuinn.

Sheincluded a link to a yellow bar stool because many of her followers had askedfor more information about it.                   When viewers swipe up on the See More tab, they’re taken directly to apage on Caila’s blog, which features a number of products for sale, includingthe yellow leather bar stools and other items in her house. Instagram openslinked pages within the Instagram app, providing a seamless transition betweenbrowsing Instagram and shopping on an ecommerce site.Another seamlesslygreat example would be snapchat, Snapchathas allows businesses to promote products or services in many ways for examplesnapchat filters some filters promote a product i.e.  Ouija also after seeing somebody else’ssnapchat story atomically an advert appears out of nowhere meaning businessuses snapchat to promote a product or service, both promotion has madeconsumers aware that the product is still available, however snapchat has savedtheir money on huge investments for example snapchat has been a service for thepass 5-6 years the business has growth rapidly, recently snapchat has investedtheir money into a product snapchat spectacles. Snapchat offers severaldifferent paid marketing options to meet the specific goals of your business.You can create a clever Snap Ad, build a fun Sponsored Geofilter, or give yourpotential customers an opportunity to interact with a Sponsored Lens.

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                                                                               By the business promoting their services they are increasingtheir target audience meaning consumers are more likely to purchase it. Also,the business can save a lot of money compared to advertising in real lifebecause advertising in real life can cost up to 2k, but advertising online is alot cheaper by 1k. business are slowly beginning to realize the benefits of marketing through SnapchatThe purpose of snapchat allowsusers to capture videos or pictures that self-destruct after a few seconds,when a user sends a message they get to decide whether it will lives between1-10 seconds, snapchat has been around since 2013 and the growth of thisservice has grown tremendously, as the years go by the popularity of snapchathas increased as people use the app on a daily purpose    There are many advantages toadvertising online for example ‘increasing your brand awareness.’ Social mediais one of the most effective digital marketing methods by uploading content youincrease your business visibility towards its target market and open a gateway. strategy like this will greatlyincrease your business brand recognition since you will be engaging with abroad audience of consumers.For example, create a social mediaprofile for your business and begin by interacting with other groups. Try toget employees, business partners and sponsorships to ‘like, share and comment’on your content by doing this you are likely to increase your brand awarenessand begin building a reputation for the business. Each post that is shared willbe introduced to a new network of individuals, which can lead them to becomingpotential customers, and the more people that know about your business theeasier to find your target audienceOn the other hand, there aredisadvantages of setting up your profile to promote your product or service.

For example, a lack of communication this meansyour customers/consumers wouldn’t feel that extra moment when seeing theproduct or service with first sight they wouldn’t have the ability to makecontact with your productHowever, Social mediamarketing carries several risks. Unless you have someone check your socialmedia accounts several times a day, disgruntled customers or employees canpublish negative comments that are not always removable. For example, everypost on Twitter is public and you have no control over what people say. Badnews can go viral as easily as good news and can do your business irreparableharm.

IT governance group the Information Systems Audit and Control Associationreleased a report in June 2010 ranking viruses and malware, brand hijacking,lack of control over corporate content, unrealistic customer expectations andnon-compliance with record management regulations as the top five risks ofsocial media.The term ‘target audience’ means A targetaudience is the intended audience or readership of a publication,advertisement, or other message. By a business promoting their product orservice to the target audience they are more than likely to succeed. This isbecause their target is aimed towards a particular group, this group is morelikely to be around the same age, height and same shopping habits, this wouldlead to them being customer loyalty.



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