Executive of the community. The community surrounding the

Executive Summary

The Spirit of Faith Church is increasingly gaining more followers, with its leadership showing commitment to expanding the church through economic empowerment of the members of the community. The community surrounding the city has high levels of poverty, and the church is charged with the responsibility of not only spiritually nourishing the individuals, but also providing social and economic support.

To help the church leadership achieve some of its objectives, an initiative has been developed aimed at supporting the poor children in the community. The project is a dinner fundraiser to generate funds to buy gifts for the poor children in the locality of Temple Hills, where the church is located. The project entails preparation, planning, and executing the fundraising project.

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A project committee has been instituted to see the project through to completion, consisting of individuals of diverse professional and academic background. The initiative has a number of benefits to the organization and the community. The church is in need of more followers.

By providing gifts to these challenged children in the community, the church will develop a positive image that is essential for achievement of its objectives of increasing membership. Similarly, there are children from very noble backgrounds within the community as well as those whose parents are not available. Providing Christmas gifts to such children will help improve their lifestyles.

There are programs to provide aid instruments to children identified with some disabilities.

Purpose of Project

The project is an income generating initiative that will generate more funds to the church. The project entails a dinner fundraiser aimed at soliciting funds by the church to buy Christmas gifts for the poor children in the community. The church has shown commitments to promoting lives of the poor in the community in its poverty-stricken environs.

It has engaged in different community-development initiatives. Such initiatives and the continued operations of the church including its outreach ministries require funds. Depending solely on donations and grants from members of the church may not suffice to meet these needs. The project will thus provide a supplementary source of funds to the church.

The project will involve provision of gifts to poor children in the community. Thus, one of the fundamental benefits of the project is economic empowerment of individuals in the community. Indeed, the lives of the poor children who will be recipient of such gifts will be improved significantly. Besides, the whole project will be facilitated by the youthful members of the church, who will also be provided with some stipend. It then serves as a temporary income activity that enables the youths to contribute towards other developmental initiatives in the church and in the community. Besides, the project is to be conducted under the name of the church and operate under the principles and policies established by the church’s leadership. Thus, it will be helpful in popularizing the church in the community. The achievements of initiative in terms of living standards of the identified poor children will be attributed to the church’s outstanding principles, enabling individuals to develop positive image of the church.

This is particularly important to the leadership of the church that is interested in attracting and winning more converts to their stream.


This project is an initiative of the youth from The Spirit of Faith Christian Center (SOFCC) at Temple Hills, Maryland. The project involves a dinner fundraiser from which the church expects to obtain funds to buy Christmas gifts to present to the local poor children.

As you are aware, our church is among the many different faith-based institutions in the United States. Within Maryland, there are local churches like Repairer of The Broken Walls Nationwide End-Time Prophetic Ministry (USA Churches, para.1). Our church was established in the early 1990s by Dr. Michael Freeman (the founder) with a relatively low population of the believers (Spirit of Faith Christian Center, para.1). The founder had a relatively humble background and for a number of years services of this church were held at Anacostia High School’s auditorium. The church has since seen various developments and currently has membership of over one thousand.

It has been able to acquire its own premises from where the worship services are conducted (SOFFC, para.4). The increased church membership is significant owing to the fact that the church is among the many other Christian religious institutions that have been established in the country and is thus still interested in winning more converts.

The services that are held in English are some of the driving forces that have contributed to this increase. It is possible to minister to individuals from different parts of the country and different language groups. This also explains why the church has been able to extend its outreaches and currently has several ministries on the international scene. Despite these developments, the church has to show continued commitment to serving the interest and meeting the needs of the community members. Continuing this trend requires a commitment to serving the interest of the believers not only spiritually but also socially and economically. According to the 2008 report by the Census Bureau, 12.2% of children under the age of five in Maryland were living in situations below the required poverty line (Meyerson, para.

2). Although reports indicated that the poverty rates of children under the age of five are low in Maryland compared to other states, the cost of living is relatively in this state compared to the federal poverty level and the reports should not be considered literally (Meyerson, para.13). The urban center is worse in terms of the poor lifestyle experienced especially in the informal settlement. The following are some of the photographs that depict the level of poverty in the community. There are young boys and girls who are homeless and/or parentless, young children in orphanage homes. Some of the families that have been encountered are members of our church.

Figure.1 A street boy in the community A five-year old orphan in the community


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