Business to be adopted. They record daily activities,

Business processing model refers to the manner in which concepts are handled in a firm, as opposed to what is being done. This is the main distinction between this concept and system modeling.

It facilitates in deciding the nature of business undertakings, therefore, facilitates competent decision making as pertains to the concepts to be adopted. They record daily activities, making it is easier to determine processes that can be managed easily and those that need upgrading. This concept, if adopted by Wood House Day Spa in Cincinnati, Ohio will be of immense benefit to their undertaking. This firm concentrates on promoting personal health through diet and other fitness activities. Clients are taken through a plethora of training regimes, both in the gym and outdoor events. They undergo regular massage sessions and have access to a spa.

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In addition to this, Wood House has a retail outlet for their beauty products and food supplements. Since it is a new company, they offer their services at affordable costs and have ambitions of transforming themselves into market leaders. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that they adopt a suitable Internet based business processing model.

Business model and Its Importance

In order for one to achieve success in online marketing, they should staunchly believe in the philosophy that success relies on consumers, as opposed to purchasers. Computers characterize life for a majority of the populace. With these in mind, they should be willing to avail free information on their products online, since a majority of persons will not be willing to spend on commodities they do not know.

The utility model is flexible enough and can serve them well, helping them achieve their goal. It contends that although users consider service a necessity, reliability is essential, and this may limit utilization of capacity.

Functional stipulation for Internet use and benefits of a Website

Electronic retailing is among the fastest growing online ventures at the moment.

By designing a website, they will publicize their products on a large scale, without any restrictions. They also stand a chance of earning proceeds if people will want to advertise on their portal. Wood House can post information about their organization and products on select websites, with links to their portal for further information. They stand to benefit a great deal from this since most people prefer remote shopping. Delivery services can be outsourced from other companies hence keeping their overhead low. Communication with their customers will be swifter and more reliable. They can establish email addresses and premium numbers as to serve as hotlines for use incase of any emergency. Random clients can also be picked to participate in online surveys to help them improve their product and service quality.

In line with this, the Manufacturer Direct concept is the best model they can adopt. This front provides them with several models, most notably the purchase model, which will allow them to sell their goods directly to their purchasers. They will enjoy all profits arising from the sales. For their therapeutic products, they can adopt the lease model.

They will allow customers to access to services for a specified duration before billing them as agreed upon. This method can be used for regular customers. Lastly, the Brand-Integrated integrated approach can also be used to interact with customers and sell them products. Wood House will formulate messages with information on the products and relay them to target audiences. In order to achieve this, they require a server.

Technological stipulation for Implementation and software utilized

IBM Super computer are aptly suited for this job. Personal computers, most preferably desktop computers are necessary.

They will require word processing software to create material for their clients and format converters to make them up loadable. JavaScript is the best programming language they can use to design their website.


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