A. the industry shall remain competitive in

A. Corporate Objective

Visite Brazil Company has the objective to be a leading provider of best-of-breed adventure and tour services to world tourist market.

The company believes in offering the best quality services unmatched by other tour agencies in the industry.

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B. Divisional Objectives

The company embodies a culture of inclusivity that promotes the unity of purpose and teamwork. The core facet of the company is to offer the best environment for staff, customers and suppliers.

Through this critical factor, all units endeavor to provide the best service within the provisions of harmonious coexistence.

C. Marketing Objectives

The company’s emphasis will be underpinned by the need to provide completely specialized services based on the market knowledge of the vacation destination and the services that shall meet the demands of the customers. Visite Brazil company shall rely on the market research undertaken to underscore its market obligations.

a. Market Forecasts

The company projects that its sales shall increase substantially following the detailed market analysis based on the segment needs.

According to Euro Monitor International (2009), the historical estimates indicate that tour needs have been neglected by lack of provision of customer-led services. Sales estimates anticipate gaining a larger market share compared to its competitors. Using historical figures, the company has projected sales of over $500, 000 for the coming activities in Brazil and its environs. Additionally, Visite Brazil believes that the number of unit services shall increase to about 5,000 single-person unit services and 1000 corporate-based unit services. Profitability of the company would increase to register profits of 65% as a percentage of the total unit sales.

b. Direction

The company assessment suggests that the industry shall remain competitive in the next four years and later. While these challenges offer pressure for better business approaches, the company believes that its recognition of value and quality through provision of unique services shall aid to push it to an advantaged level (Euro Monitor International, 2009). Currently, the company’s valuation and strategic market analysis has shown that its ability to beat the market lies in the eventful provision of first-class tour and travel services. Additionally, the company underpins its performance on the nature and quality of its employees in delivering these services.

c. Rationale

VB believes in respecting the varied cultural needs of its customers. Similarly, the company shall ensure that its service provision conforms to the legal and political legislations. The good relationships shared between the company and the legal bodies will enable its proper functioning without bridge of the provisions of the law.


Program Objective

1. Pricing

The concept of pricing is a critical component in the general progress of the company. To design the most sustainable pricing model, the company shall rely on the market surveys and research. The researches taken by its marketing team will be essential in modeling a price package that appeals to the economic needs of its customers as well as the cost aspects of the company. These sets of information have proven that pricing shall be undertaken in a differentiated manner (Jeanine, 2010).

This is because of the heterogeneous nature of the clientele projected as the target market.

2. Advertising and Promotion

The promotional strategy depends mainly on making the right information available to the right target customer. The company shall make sure that those who have the budget and appreciate the product know that it exists, and know where to find it. The marketing team has to convey the sense of quality in every picture, every promotion, and every publication.

The company anticipates shaping itself to appear in second-rate catalogs with poor illustrations that make the product look less than it is. They also need to leverage their presence using high-quality catalogs and specialty distributors.

3. Sales and distribution

Therefore, the service provision of the company shall follow a segmented marketing strategy. This is because the customers that shall be served by our company have varied needs and demands.

The marketing unit has prepared inclusive approaches to help in boosting the sales of the business. Individualized and generalized marketing and distribution shall be helpful in meeting the marketing and sales prospects.

4. Service

The company has received an appointment as an agency for major suppliers of tour vacation packages throughout Brazil. The company is still negotiating for the lucrative alliance and partnership with the leading and major travel tour companies in the region.

This plans aim at ensuring that the company affords a wide service portfolio in order to maximize its profits during the festive period of world cup. Apart from provision of the ordinary services, our company anticipates to differentiate its service offering from the rest of the competitors by promising safety and enjoyable customer service with a lasting experience. Some of the services shall include insurance, service directory, and informational services from both pre and post vacation packages. The company believes that selling tour related products would have far-reaching influence on the company’s overall profits. In conjunction with other service providers, Visite Brazil projects to offer inclusive services that would render it a one-stop tour agency.

5. Monitoring and Controls

I. Secondary Data

In ensuring that the business gets on the right footing, the company has made use of the available historical records and data concerning the tour business. Comparative analysis of the previous sales, costs, profitability, and number of visitors shall serve to benefit the firm in respect of its projections.

a. Sales reports

To succeed in monitoring its sales and measuring them against the projected sales, our company shall utilize the periodic sales reports in evaluating its progressive movement. All the respective units of the company shall remain committed to market the company’s services and goods to meet the expected goals.

c. Information Sources

II. Primary Data

The company has focused on gaining market knowledge in order to approach it from a market-led perspective. This aims at making Visite Brazil a tour agency firm of choice by all the prospective visitors visiting Brazil and other neighboring countries for both football festivities and other recreational activities (Euro Monitor International, 2009) and (Mancini, 2009). The company shall undertake a market research and surveys in order to demonstrate the need for gaining first-hand information about the customers. The market surveys shall offer the company with requisite data, which shall be analyze. The analysis will aim at achieving themes necessary in explaining the market scenario.

Although the secondary, records and data are relevant in informing the company, the survey data shall display the real demographics necessary in developing strategic decisions.

a. Sales Records

Actual sales reports shall be essential in enabling the sales and marketing department to estimate continuous progress in the company’s profitability and market share.

The company estimates that it will achieve an average market share of about 20% of the total tour and travel market.

b. Specialized Consulting firms

The business of tour agency cannot be approached from a unidirectional perspective. Analysis of the industry reveals the industry needs in tour agency and progress shall rely on the strategic business alliances and partnerships. In order to strategically position the business

c. Consumer Panel

8. Contingency Plans and Other Miscellaneous Documents

a. Contingency Plans

Although Visite Brazil has enacted strategic business plans that will take it through its operations, it believes that the challenges of the contemporary tourism industry.

In order to enable Visite to cope with these inherent challenges, the management believes that setting up strategic plans capable of sustaining future uncertainties remain relevant to Visite Company. Visite Brazil Company is unique in its discovery and utilization of the high quality, executive level tour and travel niche. Therefore, it is possible that with our success and superior services, other well-established tour firms will release a competitive service line.

However, VB focuses specifically on the high-end, technologically integrated aspect of tour services. With this exclusive concentration, VB can continue to focus its resources on producing the best executive level tour and travel services. Another possible challenge would be the emergence of a new company in our niche. This however, would not constitute a great threat, as their initial market share would be minuscule, allowing us to strategize further for continued success. Finally, and tour and travel company may choose to begin marketing to our target market.

This would not be overly threatening because VB products and services are inherently the best available due to the true artisanship and design involved coupled with its well-known excellent customer service (Singh, 2008).

b. Alternative Strategies

Strategic business positioning demands that affirm develops alternative business models that would help to leverage it in the future.

Although there are many other players in the industry, VB believes in its reserved strategies and their ability to offer best alternatives in beating the market. The primary strategies shall include strategic expansion and differentiation in reaching the target markets and favorably competing (Mancini, 2009). However, the company believes that the application of the price leadership strategy would offer the best fallback means for positioning the business on a more competitive edge. This strategy shall be achieved by customizing the services in order to appeal to the loyalty of the customers (Jeanine, 2010) and (Singh, 2008).


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