Business mechanical services including Tuning, Oil change, digital

 Business PlanFixittechnologies              Owners:  Farrukh Ahmed, Mirza Hasnain, Moeez Ahmed, Jahanzaib,                     Hamza Iftkhar                                                                                                                                           Preparedon: 02-12-2017.                                   ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN                                      Fixit technologies Summary Description:Fixittechnologies is a digital and dynamic  topcompany located in G-11 markaz,Which is going to Provide all the mechanicalservices including Tuning, Oil change, digital scan, bumper repairing, denting,painting and parts of a Japanese imported cars under one roof. The auto repairmarket has a lot of competition; however, almost all only offer service. Fixittechnologies will differentiate themselves by not only offering a repairservices, but also a fully stocked spare parts store. We will provide all spareparts and repairing under one roof.

We are participating in a growing market.Since 2008 the prices of cars has increased 80 to 90 percent in Pakistan and onthe other hand due to the services of Careem and Uber the demand of Japanesecar has increased. In Pakistan the spare parts of Japanese cars are not easilyavailable and the owners of Japanese car have suffered the problem that thelack of spare parts and repair service. So the auto market is increasing day byday and our main target will be the Japanese cars. Growing number of cars isthe reason that market opportunity for car accessories has also increased. Caraccessories parts are one of the most profitable businesses.

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As a part of Fixittechnologies repairers will try to offer best tune-up to the customers cars byproviding different number of service and few new services better than thecompetitors which help us in gaining the trust of the customers as we reallywant to change the  Perceptionof the car owners (drivers) towards the auto repairers So our business plan isto provide all spare parts and repairing services under one roof.  Vision & Mission: Our mission is to provide all the Japanese cars spareparts under one roof which are now a days very hard to find. We will make sureto satisfy our customers to give our best services in town.Our goal is to provide a completepersonalized hassle free service to all our customers as we take theresponsibility to keep their car well maintained. We not only look forward tojust maintain the clients vehicles but also provide them with the basicinformation so as to keep them updated to help increase the life of their car.And we will also offer the after repair service by keeping in touch throughphone and mail services which will help us in attracting their interest towardsour auto repair services          ?      Toshow our entrepreneurial skill and to be very unique in Islamabad.?      Toprovide best services to the customer in the city.Availabilityof spare parts (local, Japanese cars)?     Provideand maintaining 100% level of customer satisfaction by providing qualityservices among competitors.

?     Topositively enhance the quality of parts for the people in the city.?     Promotethe great values of services and business philosophy among people.?     Toensure that parts are available in stock.

 Objectives: ?     Tosatisfy the desired need of a costumer.?     Tosatisfy the customer by our services so the customer will visit again andagain.?     Toprovide the best services in town.

       ManagementOverview: Fixittechnologies is private company which is located in sector of Islamabad i.e.G-11 which is providing auto repair services and spare parts of local andJapanese cars under a single roof.                                          Fixittechnologies have a strong management team that will allow them to execute onthis exciting idea. Fixit technologies has five partners, Farrukh Ahmed, MoizAhmed, Mohammed Hasnain, Mohammed hamza and                                   Farrukh Ahmedhas experience of car mechanical issues.

He will be overseeing mechanicalissues.                                  MohammedHasnain   has a background of sales,having experience of 5 years. He will be overseeing the parts and sales for thefixit technologies.

                                  Hamza andJahanzaib will be overseeing the marketing for the fixit technologies.                                  Lastly MoizAhmed will handle the department of administration and finance.     ServicesA well maintained car is more fuel efficient and morereliable, making the most of your auto investment. Our expert auto repairtechnicians are trained to perform diagnostic and repair services on allmodels, and we can take care of your car as recommended by the company. ?     Mechanical Services?     Denting and PaintingServices?     Computerizedmonitoring?     Wheelalignment?     AC/HEATERREPAIR?     Exteriorinterior parts?     Exteriorglass coating ?     Oilchanging?     Carsuspension?     Electriciantune up?     Diagnosis?     Batterycheck?     Brakerepair?     Exhaustservices ?     Beltand hoses?     Radiatorand engine coolingPartsWe will use only quality parts, which will beavailable in our stock or via our local parts supplier. When we service autos,we will never take short cuts and will never compromise quality in order toobtain a lower price. Our parts warranties will reflect those of the manufacturer.

 ?     Bumper?     Doors?     Spoiler?     Rims?     Multimedia system ?     Cameras?     Securitysystems?     Electrical supply system?     Gauges and meters?     Sensors?     Floor mats?     Carpolishes?     Airpressers   ?     Car seat?     HID?     Carcovers?     Ledlights?     Anti-theftlocks?     Airpressers?     Spycameras?     Caralarms?     NavigationsystemSWOT Analysis  SWOT Analysis to examine key factors that areinternal (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats).Following are the results: Strengths ?     Cleanand well maintained environment?     Providingparts and services in a single roof?     Availabilityof Japanese parts?     Highquality products?     Qualitymechanics Weakness?     Newin the market?     Lackof experience?     Increasesin prices of products?     Competitorscan offer same products in low quality ?     Laborwill be costly to the business Opportunities ?     Abilityto open new additional stores ?     Onlinesale of accessories and products on website Threats ?     Existingcompetitors?     Highpricing?     Risingcompetition?     Noreference Competitors Sehgal motors RetailOutlet: 57/5-R, SehgalMotors.PK Outlet, Main MontgomeryRoad, Near Bank Al-Habib & Soneri Bank, [email protected]  Kiani autosAddress : 4745,Kiani Auto Market,Gawalmandi,Rawalpindi Gawalmandi, Kiani Auto MarketCity : RawalpindiPhone : +92-51-5530621, 5550121            Heera autosAddress:  Corner Babu Bazar Kashmir Road,Rawalpindi, Punjab, PakistanPhone: 9251-5563232 /5516475Chaudhary autos          Address:  17-A Montgomary Road Lahore –Pakistan          Phone:       +92 3224022262               Auto care           Address: Shop no 11, Auto market, Street 1,Islamabad          Phone: 0333 5673054            Liqui Moly Auto Care          Address: shop 4B Umair Plaza Behind PSOpetrol pump,             Islamabad46000         Phone: 0345 5898574                                                                                                        Marketing Plan            Fixit technologieshave a focus on meeting the demand of a regular local and Japanese car. The Marketing Plan is developed in order to support Fixittechnologies goals and strategies. Initial marketing tactics will focus on thedevelopment of the Fixit technologies. Fixit technologies will focus on itstarget market, the middle and upper class market, and establish a reputableimage from that target market’s by offering awesome auto repair services.

Customers will be the focal point ofthe Fixit technologies business model and overall strategy. All customers willbe treated with respect. Fixit technologies will continually develop itscustomer network. Initial stage with innovative idea so wehave to gain a market by providing high quality spare parts at low price.  Even companies do not provide guarantee withspare parts, we’ll provide warranty our self to increase customers.  We’ll provide quality services so thatcustomers can be attracted more.

We will focus upperand middle class customers to reach the target market. Online helping, door todoor services, coupons will be our promotion. On the website, our employeeswill answer questions and try to help our customers online     1.

Bargaining power ofcustomers. Ourmission is that we will provide the spare parts of cars to the customers but inlimited cost. We will sale the quality parts in the reasonable price with lowprofit as compare to market. 2.Bargaining power ofsuppliers Largeindustry thousands of suppliers to choose from and select their through acompetitive bid process.

They can switch supplier easily and tend to make up alarge portion of supplier revenue. This severely limits the bargaining power ofsuppliers. 3. Threats of substitutes.Withso many firms in the quick service industry, low switching costs, luxury products,the threats of substitute is very high.     4. Rivalry among existing firms. Thelimited service industry defines a red ocean industry.

Firm compete for marketshare in saturated industry.  Market analysis and marketing plan:Inthe spare part industry the installed capacities are mainly dependent on thelocation and layout of the outlet, service style, marketing concept and target marketing.Our Fixit technologies are expected to sell parts around 200 customers in a day.

Once popularity and acceptance, sales are expected to increase with the sameinstalled capacity. Promotion (promotional mix)  Fixit technologies promote its products toattract more customers. This element of marketing mix defines the approachesused to communicate with the customers. Our industries use the followingtactics in its promotional mix:    1.    advertising2.

    sale promotions3.    public relations 4.    direct selling   Ourcompany will use social media and online website for its advertisements. Our Fixittechnologies use sales promotions to draw more customers to our Fixittechnologies.

For example,the fixit offer discount for certain products. In addition our company publicrelations activities help promote the business to the target market. Occasionally,the company use direct selling, such as for corporate clientele, localgovernment or community events and parties. In this element of its marketingmix our Fixit technologies emphasizes advertising as its main approach topromote its products. Pricing strategy: Companypricing strategy involves price bundling combined with psychological pricing in price bundling; the companyoffers all spare parts and cars products for discount. This element of Fixittechnologies marketing mix highlights the importance of price bundling to encouragecustomers to buy more and more products.

 . Potential target market (customers). Our Fixittechnologies aim is that to target the customer and make more and more customers.

We will provide all the mechanical parts that will be well furnished and genuine.Because if our products would be well prepared then our demand will be increased.We will target the customers and we will fulfill their needs and demands.  As marketing concept our products like as Japanesecars spare parts which are cheap, every customer easily afford. In Pakistanlike as Gli Honda city Suzuki alto and many vehicles but their spare parts havehigh prices and at high cost that’s why every customer not easily afford .forthat purpose our industry sold Japanese cars spare parts by limited price. Ouraim is that to provide products which should be luxury and easily affordable.        Goalsof Marketing Strategy •   Creatinga Well Known Brand•   BuildingStrong Customer Base•   IncreasingProduct/Service Sales  Strategy Business strategies are made by administrator/manager thatis useful for the success of the business.

These strategy are executed by themanager in front of customer for the product quality and better services thatare defined by manager are executed by sales departments  so, these three main employee work incoordination to make the business better.     Thank Customers  Might sound like a simple idea,but a creative thank you goes a long way. Remember, our focus is on making sureour existing customers tell their friends about us. The more we can make everyexperience they have with us memorable, the more comfortable they’ll feelrecommending us to their personal networks.

 Be Social We will sharethings to our social networks that help and entertain our customers. It’s allabout having a business presence online that people want to follow. Sharephotos of the new inventory that come to our business.  This will make customer to check online ourproducts Get ReviewedWe will ask our customers forfeedback. Whether positive or negative, when someone hops on Google, orFacebook to find out more information, even neutral reviews are better than noreviews at all.This will make our relation better with our customersand we find that what are the weaknesses of us so we make better then next time.


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