Making But, it is also a possible one.

Making the learning experience momentous in ways that can lead kids to continue developing their minds, bodies, and souls in directions that are compatible with the educational values that schools are charged with accomplishing is a formidable but critical mission. But, it is also a possible one. Whether this mission is accomplished in any particular classroom or school, however, depends more on the teacher’s vision and commitments than on any other factor.One problem could be the language barrier, common especially with the minority students.

The “Building Language Bridges” project is designed to help us bridge language barriers that keep us from understanding each other. In this project, art, photographs, sound and video are used to break these barriers. These methods are special ways to communicate about our everyday life. Within each topic of the project, teachers are encouraged to incorporate desired learner outcomes specified in their curriculum guides.

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Eventually, when these language barriers are already broken, children will be understood and they could eventually learn to write and read English. Literature Circles Extension Projects http://comsewogue. org/~ssilverman/litcircles/index. htm Books will always lie on top of all effective learning materials. This is why encouraging children to read will always be the priority of educators. Literature provides a wealth of material for motivating students, enriching and individualizing instruction, and achieving effective objectives.Literary selections can heighten interest, deepen understanding, create mood and atmosphere, stimulate imagination, give colorful background, promote identification with others, create sympathy for the problems of others, improve attitudes toward others, build appreciation for other cultures, provoke creativity, and give vivid impressions of different ways of living. This is why the Literature Circles Extension Projects are aimed to deepen students’ understanding of literature.

With the project, there is also an additional benefit, which is the opportunity to recommend books to a group of peers.Research has shown that students are more motivated to write when producing for authentic viewers. The online global educational community is an ideal audience and this is supported by Literature Circles Extension Projects. KIDART Project: Disasters http://www. kidlink. org/gujarati/equake/ When children experience something traumatic, they always carry the pain and suffering in their entire lifetime.

This is why sharing these painful experiences will always be somewhat therapeutic and this gives them the chance to express their feelings. Sharing their thoughts to other children will also be helpful for other children to understand them.In the KidArt Project: Disaster, youths are encouraged to express feelings, share and exchange emotions, experiences and creativity by using this project. They will write and share their experiences so that other children could read, comment and give advice or extend words of hope to them. Motivation is increased through activities that offer opportunities for social collaboration.

With is project, it encourages collaboration with other youths and when children have the opportunity to learn in social situations involving collaboration with the teacher or peers, they are likely to get a sense of emotional support.

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