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A Behavioural Health Clinic


The behavioural health clinic ought to oversee the organization and solution of the mentally related illnesses. The facility regularly administers the retardation cases, disabilities and the substance abuse related problems in the community.

As a not-for profit organization, the clinic depends on various services offered by other corporations within the county and externally solicited financial supports. To assists in the accomplishments of goals, the services by the engaged county corporations includes the outpatients case management programs, daily treatment programs, full-time stand-by emergency services and education of the community on various aspects related to the mental health and other social problems. Behavioural Health Clinic offers an extensive array of health care procedures such as expressive or cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, play-related therapy, stress, strain or anger management therapy and other brief or continual treatment procedures.

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The organization therefore caters for the in and outpatients, the repetitive day-to-day therapeutic patients, cases related clients, substance addicts and everyone else in the education of the community at large.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Behavioural Health Clinic will be, ‘to ensure provision of first-class health care services to mentally and socially related problems.’ The focus will be on the wide range of ages and cases within the community.

A rational health facility ought to have a mission that is in support of communal accessibility to resources and care services, to increase the ability to cater for the health needs of individuals and the whole community. It clinic’s mission empowers the community by enabling people to participate in the community services rendering programs. The statement equally establishes the customary measures to sustain standardized working conditions. The mission also assists in setting the departmental policies in the aim of promoting self-strength of mind among the involved persons. The community benefits from such programs by having access to timely and urgently required services and treatments. The mission also ensures that the treatments are of the best effect and substantiation, under which the clients benefit from services of the best standards. The services to the clients are the main goal of the clinic and thus the need to ensure enhancement of their dignity and respect. The therapy programs need to be up-to-date with the treatment technologies.

The clinic also ought to provide awareness campaigns to clients through the clinical education programs. The goal of the organizational is on provision of protection of the civil liberties and constitutional rights especially among those in support of procedures for offering the mental health services, training and research. Collaborating with other non-governmental organization, related agencies, families and, individuals enhances the mission as well s the vision of the clinic. The behavioural health clinic system has a close relation to the community because it provides chances for people to inquire health related matters. The organization mission statement also supports the embracement of the spiritual needs of the community, especially in a culturally diverse setting. The mission statement enables the professionals to act within the spiritual or religious setting, thus promoting the recovery plans because the society actively participates and plays its role in support of the specified mission and vision.

There is a wide range of barriers between the mental health treatment system and the communal spiritual and cultural believe. When the mission statement of an organization is clear and open for clarification, the community necessitates the clinical practices due to their approvals. Mission statement helps in the thoughtful, careful and systematic address of the spiritual or culturally related matters, thus promoting communal unity. A mission statement addresses the policy development issues of a community by formalizing and emphasizing on the creation of communal health-care workgroups procedures or guidelines. Secondly, the statement serves as a focal point for referencing supportive information especially on matters concerning the health and spiritual practices.

It provides the effective ways of considering, engaging and sustaining personal opinions over matters relevant to health care. According to Slocum (2007), mission statement of a behavioural health system provides “collaborative relationships… between the community, the mental health facilities, faith-based procedures, advocacy, and research based organizations.” Lastly, it is evident that with a good mission statement, an organization is able to facilitate better interaction mechanism among employees, since they follow similar guiding measures. It builds an appreciation over performance, provides the desire for continual provision of stipulated services, welcomes an open, non-judgmental procedure for “spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs, practices, rituals, values, theologies, and philosophies that may be different from one’s own” (Slocum, 2007).

Vision statement

Behavioural Health Clinic such as the mental treatment programs is an indispensable component of any healthcare program in a society. The clinic’s Vision is ‘to have a program that facilitates early interventions of the condition, ensures quality treatment and adherence to the standardized measures implemented by the mental health authorities.

’ The main aim of the services in the vision is to ensure that the residents have a productive life. The clinical vision is an inspiration to the ethical actions of the system and forms an influence over people’s behaviours as well because it is a guidance over governing all the health services engagements such s counselling or the therapeutically commitments (Henderson, 2009). Through a proper vision, the clinic is able to ensure personnel practice highly qualified and professional actions in the work place because they remain focused towards the goals. The vision relates to organizational mission because the treatment has to be in line with the set assessment procedures, handling plans and adherence to the stipulated treatment experience. The mission focuses on the techniques and other specifications stipulated in the mission statement in support of a loving and supporting social networks, safe and substance abuse free environments and knowledge-based environment.


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