Building need to primarily make them feel comfortable

Building a good relationship is understanding that every individual is unique and built with respect and trust and nurture. We need to primarily make them feel comfortable in our company and accept one another. We need to ensure we are using effective communication like our facial expressions, body language and gestures and tone to really understand them as an individual.Relationships with children need that extra care and attention as they are still developing and trying to have an idea of where they belong.

During my role as a practitioner, I had to give full attention to the kids. Providing full attention is a priority and this helps the children to feel safe and build upon their confidence around me. For instance in my practice while they was on lunch, I would normally tidy up the previous room to prevent any harm but the children called my name and I had to show them that I am going to listen so I sat down and they explored what they was eating and showing me how they are finishing their plate. Showing interest in what they do allows them to explore confidently and communicate to you comfortably. Children will then communicate with you in various ways, for example: body language, facial expressions. During activities I looked at the ways the children feel and see if they happy or upset about something.

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It’s important when they show any sign of trouble, you act upon it straight away and help them resolve the situation.


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