Flik an ant is a character in

Flik an ant is a character in the movie Bug? s Life.

During his mission he plays a leadership role. In search for warriors to help them fight and defeat them the grasshoppers to be free from them. Flik gets extraordinary things done, which became a leadership model, based on the 5 principals of leadership. I believe that Flik is an extraordinary leader which elaborates the 5 principals of leadership by Kouzes and Posner.

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Flik challenge the process by searching out new opportunities. He wanted to change, make a difference in ants’ tradition.Flick was no follower he is risk-taking. He took a major decision risking his life for his colony. In Search for warriors to help him and his colony defeat the grasshoppers. Later when Flik knew that the so called warriors were not warriors at all. They were actually from a circus which had failed. He challenge the process keeping it a secret but it eventually it was known by the colony and princess Atta who he liked.

One of the big accomplishments that Flik did, he inspired many ants by saying, “Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers…it? s you who need us!We’re a lot stronger than you…and you know it, don? t you? It made ants realize that Flik was right and they didn? t need to serve the grasshoppers anymore and be afraid of them. It changes everything, as the result ant’s revolt against the grasshoppers. Flik enlisted others in a common vision to their bravery, confidence, and supportive to stand out. Flik as a leader inspire a shared vision.

Flik enable others to act by giving them strength and sense to the ants. By knowing that hopper was of afraid birds it made him take the advantage of building a fake bird.Flik as a leader enlisted others to support and assist to build the bird. After building the bird and taking risk that it was probably going to work. He discussed about the teamwork, the faith, and trust as essentials elements of their effort.

Flik set examples by risking his life to search for warriors to help his colony. He behaved in ways that his confidence and bravery stood out. At the end of the movie Flik behavior won the respect for his colony. When Flik brought the so called warriors to Ant Island he achieved a small won which promoted him consistence progress.No body thought, on Ant Island that he was going to survive and bringing warrior who would come to protect them. By setting examples and achieving many small wins Flik won many ants respect.

Flik builds commitment by modeling the way and being consistent. After building the bird, the colony and the so called warriors celebrated. Flik recognized individually contributions to the success of building the bird. With teamwork, trust, and confidence, Flik celebrated team accomplishments. Flik learned by leading and the ants and the rest learned by leading the face of obstacles.Flick, an ordinary ant who lives on an ant island plays a huge role in leadership. He tries to help his colony to harvest faster but he ends up ruin it.

As consequence he loses respect from everyone and was ask to set off to search out for help in an adventure were he finds some so called warriors are actually circus performers. Eventually he asked to leave so he would never come back. Flick made and took mayor decisions risking his life.

He is leadership model to us, based on the 5 principals of leadership. Flik learned through out the movie from his failures as well as his successes as a great leader


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