development projects in the member countries. It

http://www. ii. The SAARC Audio-Visual Exchange (SAVE) was established to provide regular information about the SAARC countries through broadcasts on TV and radio. iii.

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Since 1984, the SAARC has organised the South Asian Federation Games (SAF Games) at venues within the member countries. By organising these games the SAARC aims to strengthen friendly relations among its members. iv. The SAARC fights poverty and hunger. It has established a fund, called the South Asian Development Fund (SADF), to pay for development projects in the member countries. It has also established a security reserve of foodgrains to meet emergencies in member countries. v.

The SAARC countries have agreed to cooperate with each other to suppress terrorism and drug trafficking. vi. In 2004, the SAARC countries signed a social charter to address issues such as population control, empowerment of women, development of human resources, improvement of health and nutrition, protection of children, etc.


India is the largest, most populous as well as the most advanced among the SAARC countries.

This gives India much greater importance than the other SAARC members. The manner in which India has fought the effects of colonial exploitation and India’s success as a stable democracy after independence serves as models for other SAARC countries. As the most important member of the SAARC, India has taken the initiative in promoting the economic progress of its neighbours. India is the largest contributor to the SAARC’s food security reserve and has offered to contribute to projects for poverty alleviation in SAARC countries.

India also proposed the creation of an infrastructure fund for improving roads, railways, waterways, ports and cross-border communication in the SAARC countries. India hosted the Second SAARC Summit at Bangalore in 1986 and the Eighth SAARC Summit at New Delhi in 1995. India also hosted the 1987 SAF Games, held at Kolkata, and the 1995 SAF Games, held at Chennai. Besides, India hosted the first cultural festival of SAARC countries, held in 1992, and the first SAARC trade fair, held in 1996.


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