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Brayden MillerMarsMars is 48.64 million miles farther away from the sun than the earth. Why do we want to go there? Is there water there? You’ll find out in this awesome reading.Mars is the farthest we are going to go for a while. “Mars has a 24-hour day. It has polar ice caps. Its axis is tilted compared with its orbit, just as Earth is tilted on its axis. That means Mars goes through seasons, just like Earth. Mars, as cold as it is, is not as oppressive an environment as almost any other place we can think of going in the Solar System. From a runaway greenhouse effect, Venus is 900 degrees Fahrenheit and would melt or vaporize most things you sent to its surface. Mercury is also very hot, being close to the Sun. So when you look at the nearby terrestrial planets, Mars is looking … just right, in spite of the challenges.”(deGrasse) Its the closest we can get to a hapital planet right now. When the earth gets too hot, humans are going to need somewhere else to go.Can we terraform mars into a oxygen plenty, human friendly planet? “This is not necessarily to say that terraforming Mars is impossible (there are many ideas about how to do it), or that the planet has no potentially accessible carbon dioxide. For example, Mars’ two polar caps harbor some CO2 ice (though they’re both composed primarily of water ice), and Martian soils soak up some carbon dioxide as well. But the new MAVEN discoveries suggest that making the Red Planet comfortable for human habitation — always viewed as a tall order — may be even tougher than previously thought.”(Wall). This is saying that It will not be possible to terraform Mars into a habital place. “To terraform Mars, scientists would have to raise the level of greenhouse gasses on the planet to encourage life to begin growing on its own. This would probably take hundreds of years. While it’s not science-fiction-level terraforming, scientists believe that after a couple of centuries, Mars might be capable of supporting human life.” This is saying it will be possible but not for a while.Facts:Average distance from sun: 142 million milesAverage in Orbiting sun: 14.5 Miles per secondDiameter: 4,220 MilesTilt of axis: 25 DegreesLength of year: 687 Earth DaysLength of day: 24 Hours 37 MinutesGravity: .375 that of earthTempature: Average -81 degrees FAtmosphere: Mostly Carbon Dioxide, some water  vaporNumber of moons: 2 It would take 6 of Mars to equal earths diameter!Works Cited”Mars Facts.” Mars.Nasa.Gov, Jon Nelson,, Mark. “Bad News for Terraforming: Mars’ Atmosphere Is Lost In Space .” Space, 6 Nov.2015, 08:00am ET,, Neil Degrasse. “Why Go to Mars.” American Museum of Natural History,


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