Brave New World by British writer Aldous

Brave New World by British writer Aldous Huxley shows how the future will bring inevitable totalitarian government to the world.

The world is a dark utopiangovernment that manufactures the production of human beings, but along with the totalitarian government push comes isolation, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and freedom. Featured in the book heavily is the theme of sexual promiscuity. We are shown how open each character is about their sexual forwardness, but we also see how disconnected sex is with the manufacturing of humans, the idea of sex is used merely as a distraction instead of expressing emotional intimacy for one another. There is section from the book in which Huxley talks about “little boys and girls” being force fed ideas about sex. An excerpt from the book is a section in which John, who was raised outside the brave new world, and Lenina are watching a sexual unwarranted film in which John seems to be uncomfortable while Lenina is completely unfazed due to her upbringing of sexual freedom This is seen to be forced among the citizens of the new world state because of the strict laws of emotional attachment and that with casual. According to meaningful sex it causes stability and without stability in the new world it would be thrown into chaos.

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According to Daniel Lyshan the message that Huxley is trying to convey with his readers is the fact that sex itself is not bad but the emotions it brings is what’s wrong with passionate sexual encounters. This behavior could be compared directly to America in the 1970s with the rise of beatniks and the idea of teenage promiscuity, it was shown that the future would hold not just one partner but the acceptance of many different partners. Along with the fact that America today has been made almost numb to the fact of sex and everything that used to goes with it. Also present in modern times is the idea of sex as a status symbol of power, and that if you have an attractive partner you therefor are a successful person in life. Another major player in the book is the pushing of the drug so called “Soma”. The drug is a hallucinogen which serves to calm people of the new world state while also making them more docile and wanting to follow the rules created by the leaders. Much like the way the people of North Korea are kept on the verge of starvation to keep them from rising up and questioning the government.

The citizens are forced to love the drug and use it in any moments of dissatisfaction. But the problem with the drug, told by a character of the novel, is the fact that “Soma” is used to control the population as the people are turned into mindless constituents of the world. The drug is also used to keep everyone in the world happy. In the beginning of the story babies are made to love their predestined jobs and with the use of “soma” it keeps society moving without people having outbreaks and creating problems for the government. Later in the book we are introduced to character called “the savage” who acts as morality pushing character, who questions the use of “soma” and even calls it poison. Government that push drugs upon their citizens can we compared to the Nazi Regime of Germany. The government was experimenting with giving the soldiers early forms of meth, cocaine, and other opiates.

The act of doing this resulted in the soldiers riding into battle with heightened senses. Furthermore isolation is a big theme within the book. People are seen as being part of a class and each citizen has a certain class of alienation which includes appearance, intellect, and morals. People are usually alienated because of their individuality. According to John the Savage, a character from the book, was alienated in both savage culture and world state culture. He was shown as being “different” to the indians on the reservation. With the excerpt “why wouldn’t they let me be the sacrifice?” shows that with his appearance compared to the indians of the reservations he was not allowed to participate in some acts of their culture due to the way he looks. When he goes to England he is once again shown as being isolated by wanting to keep true to his savage nature and trying to conform to the world state standards.

Another character that portrays alienation is Helmholtz Watson, an alpha plus, who is much smarter and stronger than the other alpha’s. This leads him to perform test and experiments that are not accepted by the world state which leads him to exile. This can easily be compared to the totalitarian dictatorship government of North Korea. The citizens of North Korea have no exposure to the outside world and according to their leader, Kim Jong Un, they are the pinnacle of the world.

The residents- North Korea have little to no access of outside information and due to the misinformation they are exposed to they are lead to believe their country is normal and thriving while they are probably one of the worst off countries. Calling back to the fact that the people are kept on the verge of famine, this constant feed of misinformation and propaganda, Kim Jong Un is able to keep his citizens docile and unexposed to the rest of the world, with his position as leader unquestioned. In addition to drugs, that the totalitarian government allows its citizens to have. The way Huxley exposes this is by keeping the reader in suspense about which characters possess actual freedom and which ones do not. The way this is presented is with the government being so strict that the citizens of the world state do not have any idea of what freedom is, and have no way to control how they think. sex, and isolation there is also the freedoms


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