Brandon congress abolished slavery in Washington, D.C.(Badertscher). This

Brandon SeabrooksHumanities 81.16.18Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass was an abolitionist that fought to end slavery.

Most of his career took place in the 1840’s which he found many allies and enemies. Frederick Douglass should be remembered because he helped put an end to slavery. Douglass also should be remembered because he helped shape america to what it is today, a “free” country.

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Frederick Douglass was an interesting man. According to Schuman,  On September 3, 1838 Frederick Douglass escaped his first plantation with his friend Isaac Rolls(Schuman 5). Frederick never knew his father but he was to be known as his first owner Aaron Anthony and his mother was a slave named Harriet Bailey(Schuman 14). When Frederick was 16 he was assigned to a new place known as the covey farm, a “slave breaker” home. A slave breaker was someone who  disciplined unruly slaves through beating them. Although he was assigned to his farm covey could not break Frederick(Schuman 26).

According to Schuman,  Frederick made plans to escape the Aulds( the people that owned Frederick Douglass) on April 2, 1836  but was caught and went to the county jail in Easton(Schuman 35). He wanted to escape the Aulds because he wanted to be free and not considered a slave.  It seems to me Frederick was a determined man. Frederick Douglass had many accomplishments that should be remembered.

One accomplishment that Frederick had was getting slavery abolished in Washington, D.C. He had many talks with president Abraham Lincoln about his opinions and they came into effect when congress abolished slavery in Washington, D.

C.(Badertscher).  This allowed Abraham Lincoln to get the side of the slaves rather than the slave owners. Another accomplishment was that he persuaded  Abraham Lincoln  to declare the Emancipation Proclamation. This allowed all slaves in the southern states to be free(McGill).

This was a big deal because slaves were now free and Douglass got what he wanted. According to Schuman, One last accomplishment was him being able to be the marshal of District of Columbia(Schuman 102).This was because of his hard work and determination to get slaves free. These were the accomplishments that  Frederick Douglass had.Frederick Douglass is significant because he is a hard worker. According to “Frederick Douglass” Frederick Douglass was a hard worker because he did not quit and continued to tell Abraham Lincoln what he felt about slavery.

This was a hard task because Abraham Lincoln was a white man that wanted to only help the white people. When Lincoln was a young president he was willing to deny, postpone, and sacrifice the rights of humanity in the colored people to promote the welfare of the white people of this country(“Frederick Douglass”). Frederick had to really persuade Lincoln for him to free all slaves in America. Douglass is also significant because he wrote many books that provides historians with valuable information about how slavery was and how it affected him(Schuman 105).  He later wrote the North Star which is a newspaper written during the civil war.

This gave people his thoughts about what was going on in America during the Civil War(Schuman 69). Finally Frederick is significant because he ended slavery. This is the reason why he should be remembered because if he wouldn’t have ended slavery then we could have slaves in America today.

Even though african-americans were not  equal to the white people they weren’t slaves. This leads to all the other people trying to bring equality to the world such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and Rosa Parks. Frederick Douglass was interesting to learn about.

I learned that he abolished slavery, he was a hard worker, and that he encouraged many other people to fight for equality. I valued learning about Frederick Douglass because I learned that he ended slavery by finding an ally in Abraham Lincoln. I also valued learning about him because it expanded my knowledge about him. Finally, I  valued learning about Frederick Douglass because it taught me the struggles of being a slave and what they went through.



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