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Brandon MedlockEnglish IIMs.McElyea30 Nov. 2017       Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart possibly the most recognized American Woman in aviation. She changed the views on women’s rights in a big way and was often doubted by millions of men. From being one of the first female pilots attempting to be the first pilot to circumnavigate the globe. Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, of  1897, inside of Atchison, Kansas (“Biography Of Amelia”). She was the female daughter of a railroad attorney (“Biography Of Amelia”).

Amelia’s childhood was spent in various towns, including Atchinson, Kansas City, Kansas and Des Moines, Iowa(“Biography Of Amelia”). At the young age of nineteen years old, Amelia Earhart went to Ogontz School near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (“Biography Of Amelia”). Two years later after visiting her sister Muriel, in Toronto, Canada Amelia felt like leaving and dropping out of school (“Biography Of Amelia”). She took a course in Red Cross First Aid (“Biography Of Amelia”). “Amelia later enlisted as a nurse’s aide at Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto, Canada (“Biography Of Amelia”). It would be here that she took care of,watched over, and dressed the wounds of  the wounded soldiers of World War I (“Biography Of Amelia”). The very next year Amelia Earhart enrolled as a premedical (Before Medical) student at Columbia University in New York (“Biography Of Amelia”).

Shortly after, Amelia’s parents asked that she move to California where Amelia’s parents were currently living at the time (“Biography Of Amelia”). She learned to fly in California where she would start to fly as a pastime, she would take many different strange  jobs from people to pay for her flying lessons while in California (“Biography Of Amelia”). “And in 1922, with the help of her sister Muriel and her mother, Amy Earhart, Amelia purchased her first plane, a Kinner Airster” (“Biography of Amelia”).     At the time of Amelia Earhart women’s rights was a big topic, they still did not have that many rights, so Amelia Earhart wanted to show just what a woman can do (“Biography Of Amelia”). Amelia set a lot of records.

“In 1935, she became the first person  to fly from Hawaii to America” (“Biography Of Amelia”). From just that flight alone she would set two more records after her famous flight(“Biography Of Amelia”). With just that one flight of course, she was the first person to solo the Atlantic ocean, and the first person to solo the Pacific ocean (“Biography Of Amelia”). Amelia wanted to open the field of aviation to women and show that women were perfectly capable of doing the same thing a man can do (“Biography Of Amelia”). A lot of women looked up to Amelia Earhart. She is undoubtedly one of the strongest advocators for women’s rights.

    In 1935, Amelia Earhart became a part of Purdue University’s faculty (“Biography Of Amelia”). She worked as a female career consultant (“Biography Of Amelia”). While working here Amelia would get the chance to fulfill her dream of circumnavigating the globe by plane or an around the Earth flight. This would prove to be the one flight Amelia Earhart would not survive.

“Setting off for what would be her final flight in June 1937, after Amelia completed just about two-thirds of her flight, her plane went missing” (“Biography Of Amelia”). This is of course what this famous pilot is most remembered for (“Biography of Amelia”).     The outcome of Amelia Earhart’s record-breaking flights to fight for women’s rights was surely huge. She served as a role model for many women, from opening the field of aviation to women to, showing just what a woman can achieve. Amelia did not start any wars over her movement, nor did she have any laws put in place. All Amelia Earhart did was show the true value and accomplishments a woman can achieve.

All that Amelia Earhart did has left a long lasting history and put her name in the history books for eternity. Amelia had stated many times “I’m not a feminist but I do enjoy seeing a woman show her worth,”  (“Amelia Earhart: The”).Amelia Earhart left an imprint on the view of women in the world today for sure but how much of one cant be for certain (“Amelia Earhart: The”).    The legacy that Amelia Earhart left behind will forever be in the history books. From showing what women can do and just what they are capable of to opening the field of aviation to women.

Amelia Earhart was a role model to millions of women worldwide and was a great push in the right direction for women’s rights. Amelia set out daily to prove what she could do, and she was a huge advocator for women’s rights. Amelia set many records during her career in flying, and she made many positive impacts and even broke records thought to be unbreakable by a woman. Amelia Earhart was an amazing aviator and broke many records through her years of flying. She wanted to open the new field of aviation to women.

She wanted to empower women to be what they can be. Amelia Earhart will never be forgotten and will forever be known as a symbol of of feminine achievement. Amelia Earhart is an American Icon and is known about around the globe. From just a small town girl to an icon.

This just shows the true power that women have. Amelia Earhart certainly opened the field of aviation to American women. From birth to death Amelia Earhart’s life was filled with interesting and exciting moments and details. She truly did help to solve one of the worst injustices, women not having rights


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