Born his attendance at school he met

Born in Seattle
Washington on October 28 1995 was William Henry Gates III. He was the middle
child. When he turned 13 his parents sent him to Lakeside Prepatory School
hoping it would give him an opportunity to be challenged. During his attendance
at school he met his future partner Paul Ellen. Not only that but he became
passionate for computers there.


William Henry
Gates III was born to William H. Gates II- a lawyer- and Mary Gates- a teacher
before she had kids-. His siblings were Kristi -an older sister- and a younger
sister Libby. When he turned 13 his parents sent him to lakeside prepatory

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While Bill was
attending Harvard he dropped out in 1975 to start Microsoft with Paul Allen.
Microsoft was successful but bill gates made a deal with IBM that would enhance
computers. Microsoft reached a deal where they would use the MS-DOS operating
system on the new IBM PC. The software was sold to IBM by Gates with a 50,000
dollar fee; However he held on to the copyright of the software that was sold
to IBM. Other PC manufactures bought the MS-DOS software from Microsoft.
Microsoft became the operating system in a large amount all over the world!


Another risk
was taken by Microsoft by releasing the Microsoft operating system. Another
competitive company was there as well it was apple in 1984. Many people
purchasing the products where saying Apple is better. An advantage for
Microsoft was that it could run on many different PC machines however, Apple
only ran on Apple machines. The battle was over and Microsoft had one about 90
percent of the worlds computers.

Bill Gates
worked extremely hard to achieve Microsoft. He constantly pushed his employees
to work hard as well. Bill Gates had to take risks like dropping out of Harvard.
Also, he changed from the MS-DOS operating system to the Windows operating
system. He was confident of what he could do so he took risks. Bill married Melinda
French in 1994, January. Since then they had three children 2 daughters and a
son. Together both of them formed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Currently this is one of the greatest charity foundations in the world! Also,
can you believe that Bill donated over 28
million dollars to charity?


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