Book with her or being liked by everyone

Book club journal #1Kamiar Lashgari, ENG1D, Ms. Clayman,  January 22, 2018The novel, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, written in 2000, takes us through the school year with the new girl as she grapples with popularity, only to find out that being herself means that she cannot ever fit in with everybody else. She went from being the joke of the school to the most popular.

but when the basketball team lost and blamed her, she became the most hated girl in school. Leo always loved Stargirl but struggled with the choice of being with her or being liked by everyone else and he chose everyone else. In the end, Stargirl won everyone over again before she disappeared forever.The story starts off with a newspaper publishing a story on Lee on his birthday and they mentioned that he collects porcupine neckties. After several days, a porcupine necktie mysteriously showed up on his doorstep without any notes saying who it’s from. And he always considered it a mystery.

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There is some foreshadowing going on in the first two pages. We know that whoever sent the mystery gift is going to come in the story bit later because Lee says “it never occurred to me that I am being watched, we were all being watched ” (Lee, 2). As if later on he finds out that someone is watching everyone. At Mica Area High School in Arizona, Everyone dressed and acted the same. But in our school its different. Not only the people in the arts program but everyone else is full of individuality. ”            rons     quote       ” one of the main conflicts of the story is Stargirl vs everyone else.

Leo’s inner conflict is that he must choose between Stargirl and everyone else. Everyone is giving him the silent treatment because he’s Stargirl’s boyfriend. If he wants everyone to like him again, he has to stop hanging out with stargirl .He struggles with this choice throughout the book. Archie asks him a question ”Whose affection do you value more, hers or the others’?” But Leo still can’t decide. Things go downhill when he tries to have both.Ultimately, Leo chooses everyone else.

Another conflict in this story is Stargirl vs Susan. Stargirl is unique and full of life and joy. She wears outrageous outfits, plays the ukulele, dances in the rain, and carries a pet rat wherever she goes. Susan is the exact opposite. l. She is boring and bland.

She’s just like everyone else at school. she dresses, talks, and acts like them. Susan is not unique in any way. The inner conflict between Stargirl is that they are the same person. Stargirl is her true self and when She’s Stargirl she’s happy. But when she tries her best to fit in with everyone, she becomes sadder. And at the end, it doesn’t pay off and everyone still dislikes her.

And she is tired of being Susan so she gives up and goes back to being Stargirl again. Joan Bauer’s novel Hope Was Here is the story of hope a Yancy, a sixteen-year-old who is being raised by Addie, her aunt. This story is all about one finding its place in the world. Like Leo from Stargirl. Hope has been moved around the country many times and she doesn’t know where she belongs. and every time she leaves a town, she writes “hope was here” on a wall or window.

Hope and Addie leave Brooklyn for the small town of mulhoney Wisconsin. It took Stargirls example for Leo to figure out himself out, and Mulhoney does the same thing for Hope. “Hope was here” is a book about self-discovery just like Stargirl.

Book club journal #2 Kamiar Lashgari, ENG1D, Ms. Clayman,  January 22, 2018 The theme of a novel is a message about life that is present in the story. Jerry Spinelli’s novel Stargirl contains multiple themes as they concern relationships among people. It’s about what happens when a unique individual who doesn’t care what other think about her enters a  close minded environment. The main theme of this story is Individuality and Conformity. The students at Mica Area High School seem to be following a pattern of behavior where everyone knows what they are expected to do, and no one deviates too far from that norm. They are all the same and are suspicious of anyone who is different.

Then Stargirl starts school. She is surprisingly unique and creative. She’s always herself and doesnt care what other think about her. She is so different than others that people are obsessed with her. All they do is talk about her.

For a time, they try to act like her then everyone is upset by her actions and everyone shuns her.


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