Blood Donation as Charitable Activity for Society


It has being observed that serving the humanity for a noble cause not only brings welfare, well-being, but also the prosperity to ones inner soul and overall life.

The humanity turned towards civilization when it came to realize the importance of helping and assisting the other human beings, caring living things and supporting a civilized society which turned the cave age stay of men into a modern civilized and much more compact world. The concept of humanity does not end with the concept of living and caring in a digital, technological and modern world, but starts and ends with the global noble and human cause of bringing a feeling and sense of care for all living and well beings on this single planet. We call it the black age where human miserably fought the worst wars of the human history, taken of vast land just for the cause of creating dominance on the map of the earth or killing each other in the name of the desperate revenge. Hence, these all events lead the scholars and intellects around the globe that these aggressive occupation of land, dominance of ethnics, or any sort of power that brings one entity as supervisor or superior on another, would take nowhere. And it leads to the emergence of the world’s most generous, kind, man loving and peace widen individuals around the world who not only sent a message of serving humanity, serving mankind, spreading peace, and making world a better and lovable place for all generations to come, but also did them in their own lives as practice so as to pursue people for the cause of loving and serving humanity.

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Mother Teresa would be the name to mention here who in her whole life, dedicated her each breath for the nurturing and well-being of humanity without any discrimination of creed, cast, ethnic or religion and hence leaving behind us all an example of deeds that would remain immortal in this life as well as in the life here after. Blood Donation is one of those noble and enduring deeds. Blood works as a fuel in our body and is the main constitute of keeping our body alive and fresh from the day of a human birth till the departure from this planet and during all the seconds a body lives, enjoys and works in any part of the world, at any temperature and at any condition. Hence, this main module of a body must be maintained to a certain level inside the body to keep it healthy, fresh and in workable condition to perform daily life task and procedures.

The procedure of taking oxygen in and carbon dioxide out from the body is all performed by Blood. It acts as a transporter of carrying those gases inside and outside the body perpetually and periodically. Blood also helps the body from getting infections or becoming vulnerable to the bacteria’s or germs from the outer world of the body (Steane, n.d).

Blood also provides delivery service of rotating different daily meal compounds inside the body to different locations or cells for body nurturing and growth. The process of taking water, separating the necessary tissues or cells or energy from them and converting them into urine is also a function of blood inside a human body. Blood take out the necessary minerals and energy cells from the healthy foods, and eatables for the nourishment and growth of the body as well as good circulation of it’s inside the veins (Zoology Homework, n.d). The human blood constitutes of four essential parts which are “Red Cells”, “Platelets”, “Plasma”, and “Cryoprecipitate” (ARC, 2011).

Pint is the standard unit of measuring Blood around the world which different slightly in its accepted values in continents across the globe. In the U.S. Customary System, the value of 1 pint of blood varies from 0.

473 liters to 0.551 liters whereas the same 1 pint is equal to 0.568 liters in British Imperial System (TheFreeDictionary, n.d). Hence, the procedure of Blood Donation varies upon the requirement of the patient or the receiver that is the Blood can be donated as a group of those mentioned Blood Components above or it can be donated in specifically for the required of any of those parts or blood components. A man body has an average of 4.5 to 5 liters of Blood in the body as compare to 4 to 4.5 liters of Blood in woman’s body with 14-18 pints of average blood in the adults or mature human being (KarmaYog, n.

d). Blood donation is a very simple and healthy procedure. According to an old saying, the blood donation keeps your blood rotating and hence leads to a healthy and refreshing life after the procedures. Hence, donating blood is a four stride function i.

e. the donors’ registration, examination of medical background along with a partial physical health check (the check up of body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate etc), the blood donation, and finally refreshing juices. At most, a blood donation time is observed around 15 minutes (i.e. the actual time of filling the empty white bottle with blood during donation). And on an average, one pint is transferred or donated from the total of pints in a human body (ARC, 2011). Hence, the blood donation process is beneficial to both the donor and the recipient because during blood donation, the excessive consumed body of products containing high amount of iron releases that amount and take them to the normal average human level i.e.

sometimes we call them obese or fat which can cause heart and diabetes problems . Hence, the blood donation reduces the chances of heart attacks or diabetes (Leong, 2008).

Role of UAE Government regarding Blood Donation

Almost all around the world, local governments, nongovernmental organizations and health institutes are busy for the noble cause of blood donation. Blood is among the scarce minerals that the digital and technological world cannot produce or supply through any other mean but human being. Hence, it is the only process of transportation from one human body to another human body, the latter called patient or recipient while the former is called the blood donor, and beneficial to the health of both the donor and the patient. The patient get healed through the blood transformation and the donor gets rid of many of the possible health hazards that can be cause of heart and diabetes, in case of high amount of iron inside the human body.

The Health Minister of United Arab Emirates (UAE), H.E. Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali Al Qassim, initiated a nationwide blood donation campaign in the United Arab Emirates in the last quarter of 2010 following the international accreditation of Sharjah Blood Transfusion Centre. The Minister elaborated the vision of the blood donation campaign to be the self complacency in Blood donation and transfusion in the UAE and accredit ate globally. The Minister applauded the efforts and hard work of the donors of age group in their twenties or thirties for this splendid cause of blood donation (Ministry of Health, 2010). The minister also emphasis and vision for launched blood campaign for an increment of blood donors from an average of 9 percent to 10 percent a year.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been nominated among the five biggest blood donor and transfusion countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) (Emirates247, 2010). The UAE also takes the prides of holding World’s Blood Donor day 3 years back in 2008 which is the first Arab country to held such internationally recognized day.

The Reason for selecting such category among others in the UAE Society

The world is developing and developing at a rapid pace towards more and more advancement in science and technology, to gain excess power over excessive land and control overseas, to have an arguable share in everything that can make an impact towards their national interest all around the globe. That includes every nation, every country and every part of this planet. Governments are thriving for enough in their national and domestic favors and interests. The worlds’ worst wars have been fought in the past centuries.

The planet sees the magnificent use of its natural resources, also when those blessed resources were made bane for the humanity and human life. That era was the era of doing everything and advancement just for the benefit of one’s own interest and favor, everything aside was out casted or ignored. And hence, just after the world war I, when the Great depression hit very hard and severely the great and all economies around the world, the leaders of the time decided to sit under a common roof to take humanity out of this disaster where hundreds and thousands of people lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost access to food and nutrition and hence human life became miserable to survive.

The history saw the worst part of human nourishment. Hence, leads to the solution of the Leagues which even did not prevent any further collision. And hence we saw the World War II. Just when everything was lost and those who wanted to have control over the global took over the control, then people realize what have been lost and what still can be done to avoid further catastrophe to the generations to come. Hence, we saw campaign for global causes in the form of Millennium Development Goals which includes two similar goals on health improvement and development globally around the continents i.e.

goals of improving maternal health and fighting and solving HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases, not in national or domestic interests but for a sustainable global planet. From Education, Transportation, modern Telecommunication, Housing and Construction, and hence in all the fields via which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can compete, with the emerging challenges from the developed countries, it has done and done impressively well and hard enough. Today, Dubai is considered as a hub of world Trade, Tourism and Investment. Enriched and blessed, this land, with the wells of Oil, people of the UAE worked extremely hard to make this desert a healthy, living, and touring spot of the world. Enough, but more than enough, has been written or is being written for the sustainability of all the mentioned sectors in the UAE by many organizations, firms or institutes as their own stack is attached with the normalization of all stated factors. Out of these all factors, humanity calls for something that can cure their pains, heal their wounds and assist them towards nurture and affection. Health is the sector that is the centre of development of almost all the government around the world. Most of the worst diseases, that the human life can see, exist today that includes the curse of Malaria, Cancer, AID/HIV and others.

Also, the casualties that the latest and technological world causes i.e. casualties from accidents be these via mean of road or air, ultimately their victims need blood. Hence, causing an alarm for an effort that can alone be lauded across the world is the cause of sustainable measure for good health and being of locals and populous. Hence, in the light of above mentioned facts and text, the topic “Blood Donation” is the most valuable and enlighten among all those that relate to technological development or nuclear enrichment programs or all those that have nothing to do with serving and assisting humanity but making human life miserable through their certain functionalities.

Stages of Group Development

For teams to perform efficiently and effectively in collaboration and assistance of each participating member, the following five are the most essential steps toward positive, fruitful and productive output via stepping upward in the stages of group development model. Not only does it increase the performance of the department or organization or the cause for which they are working together, but it also results in productive output of the work which that group take over. The members increase their contacts in the inside and outside world of their firm.

Since, this model is also followed by multiple organizations working for the same cause, this can help the members to have quality understanding of mutual communication and delivery of words or point towards the ultimate objective of the group. It also increases the efficiency of the human resource at the organization or firm for any of their future deals or communication with entities inside or outside their business. Therefore, the work for “Blood Donation” task is divided according to the following five stages and uniformly divided among the members of the group.


A very first meeting is held to discuss the procedure of how the group can proceed towards the completion of the task regarding “Blood Donation”.

Since, the formation of random groups in the classroom requires initial time for members to have effective and clear communication between them, hence, the different aspects of contacting a blood bank, procedure to run the awareness campus and others are vaguely discussed.


The ideas are blurrily discussed with the group members in the group formation stage. Now, the members are busy discussing and brain storming the following undertakings that would eventually help in the report making. Contacting a nearby Blood Bank Analysis of regular blood donation To contact a particular Company so that an awareness program can be launched within its premises.

Material required for the Blood Donation awareness campaign Activity day i.e. exposing employees to this charitable act of blood donation


After the brain storming activity in the storming stage, the group is all set to clear out the procedure for the campaign to begin.

Hence, the duties are uniformly divided amongst the members. One member is going to contact a nearby blood bank One is going to contact a company XY to have their idea implemented and; Third member is going to collect information about the publishing and printing of material required for the campaign.


As all the directions are set for the task to be initiated, members have got the chance to perform the awareness activity within the XY Company they contacted in the earlier stage.

The members also remain successful in publishing and printing the material for the activity to take place. The material that is printed for the campaign includes flayers, hand outs, pamphlets and t-shirts.


In the last stage for the preparation of their report for the Blood Donation task, members have successfully visited and ran a fascinated awareness campaign on blood inside the XY Company building.

The employees are happy to be a part of this charitable awareness program inside their offices. The employees are participating with all their interest and responding to our queries at ease. Members have distributed the flayers and handouts with the workforce. A pamphlet regarding the activity, to take place in the building, has been posted on the main notice board at the welcome entrance of the building. A small presentation on this charitable activity is also being given to the employees and staff of the XY Company all through the day.


Blood is that constitute of the human body that supports and live the refreshingly bio system of the living body.

Hence, it is viable and has monopoly in its production and wide spread use. By monopoly or wide spread use means that the only source for getting blood is human for supporting and healing a human. It is found to be a noble cause for the serving of humanity all around the globe. Though technology and digital world have produced an ease for human lives, but they are unable to produce Blood, a natural mineral, up to such advancement in the technology. Governments, nongovernmental organizations and institutions around the world are constantly thriving to increase the blood donation each year to cure and heal thousands of patients waiting for this constituent of human body to cure them. WHO has been encouraging those stakeholders to motivate their populous to show generosity towards this universal goal that would ultimately be in favor for a sustainable and health environment and world for us, for people around us and for generations that are to come. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been the most active member in this regard.

After internationally accreditation of the Sharjah Blood Transfusion Centre, the Health Minister H.E. Dr.

Hanif Hassan Ali Al Qassim originated a nationwide blood donation campaign in the UAE in the last quarter of 2010 with a mission to increase the blood donation from 9 percent per year to 10 percent per year. Hence, envisioning and revitalizing the self stipulating in Blood Supply and Donation not only inside their territory (UAE) but across the globe for the common humanity serving. Hence, beside the soaring economy, developing infrastructure, high pumping of billions of dollars in its territory for a complete modern, developed and self sufficient city and centre of the world, the government in the UAE i.e.

the Ministry of Health is taking its best efforts towards the “Blood Donation” topic discussed above with various quotes and references from online newspapers and ministry of health UAE website. This not only because health is the sector which is ignored by most of the governments in developing countries but also because it is the uprising issue of hundreds and thousands of people around the globe awaiting the help from those who are capable of delivering them a inspiration of hope and life. The example of which is given as the Millennium Development Goals which incorporated two of its goals related to health. One is the improvement in the maternal health and other one is combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. Historically fights or wars were fought for individual society’s goal or objectives. But the examples like Great depression, the melting of Atlantic and the deforestation has turned the nature of globalization. It teaches a lesson of immense cooperation and assistance to each other for each cause around the globe to make this planet a worth living and rejoicing place for generations.

Upon reaching the conclusion on the Blood Donation, it is now the role of each member, each person and individual of any society to come and help, all those who are desperately looking forward to us, by all our possible means that can contribute towards the good foundation of serving humanity which would eventually spread peace and tolerance in our society.


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