Block-chain: global energy demands caused by increasing use

Block-chain: Can It Save the Environment?Cryptocurrency, backed by blockchain, is arguably the most prevalent modern innovation.  By now I’m sure it’s clear that the biggest benefit of using block-chain technology is its ability to reinforce trust and accountability, when digital information needs to be securely distributed. However, crypto-mining (the process of verifying and adding cryptocurrencies to a blockchain ledger) requires miners to utilize specialized computer graphic cards with large amounts of processing power in order to compete.

The amount of electricity this technology uses is currently a hot topic in the crypto-world due to the potential exponential growth of crypto applications. It is clear that mass amounts of crypto-mining are harmful to the planet, and consequently a large portion of current block-chain applications also have negative effects on the environment. However, several startup companies believe block-chain to be a prime candidate as the technology to save the planet.

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One such company, GEAR is looking to use block-chain to address multiple environmental issues in a sustainable manner. They aim to handle global energy demands caused by increasing use of digital currency through the use of green renewable energy to run a crypto-facility. This approach creates a currency, backed by green energy, which can be used to further promote sustainability.Other innovative companies have sought to use block-chain to incentivize the public to invest in renewable sources (“7 ways the block-chain”, 2017). For example, EverGreenCoin, a type of cryptocurrency, is used for raising funds for green projects that are designed to help benefit the environment, such as recycling and water conservation.

ElectricChain is a blockchain platform features apps that incentivize solar installations all across the globe (“7 ways the block-chain”, 2017). It is also important to note that peer to peer energy distribution is possible, thanks to block-chain, but centralized hubs remain as the primary energy producers. While there are many hurdles left to over-come block-chain is emerging as a feasible approach to creating a more sustainable environment. As lovers of the internet and its varying applications, it is up to us to use and create new technologies in a manner that is responsible to preserve the planet for future generations and innovations.ReferencesFutureThinkers. (2017, September 11 ). Video Podcast.

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