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BLASHEMOUS! Is it not? To find yourself looking at the world through one eye where your life is defined by the characteristic of a fast food chain. I honestly find that train of thought to be quite insidious, as your whole life now is compared to that of this restaurants’. However, it would be more ignorant for me to remain oblivious to the fact that everyone’s life contains characteristics that fall under the principles of McDonaldization. For example, in relation to one of the principles which is control, you are personally, in control of who and what you allow into your life and how long that person or thing remains. Just as in the restaurants there are strategies maintained to continuously cycle customers in and assure that they leave sooner than later. In our modern society, trends and technology become such a large part of everyday life that people start to use them as a get away from reality. George Ritzer, the author of the best-selling book, “The McDonaldization of Society,” draws a thin line of comparison between our everyday lives and the common and uncommon characteristics of the McDonald’s restaurant. He defines McDonaldization as the process by which principles of fast food restaurants have come to dominate virtually every aspect of society.
McDonaldization is the term invented by George Ritzer. The process of McDonaldization takes a task and breaks it down into smaller tasks. This is repeated until all tasks have been broken down to the smallest possible level. The resulting tasks are then rationalized to find the single most efficient method for completing each task. All other methods are then deemed inefficient and discarded. However, by to work and perspective of George Ritzer utilizing central elements of the work of Max Weber, he personally expanded and updated them, and produced a critical analysis of the impact of social structural change on human collaboration and identity. The central theme in Weber’s analysis of modern society was the process of Rationalization; a far-reaching process whereby traditional style of thinking were being substituted by an ends/means analysis concerned with efficiency and formalized social control. Everyday life is what people do, feel and think every day or how they interact in society. Compared to the characteristics of McDonaldization our lives are somewhat defined by this terminology through Globalization in general can be another way of describing how the presentation of everyday life is becoming increasingly McDonaldized. Globalization is the homogenization of the globe socially, economically, ethically, culturally, and legally. It is the trading of ideas, education, knowledge, inventions, resources, labor, power, fuel and energy. It is the sharing of sporting occasions, emotions and information. Globalization of trade, digital communication systems, financial markets and crime are also factors of everyday life that are contributing to a McDonaldized Globe. As a personal perception, McDonaldization has extensively obstructed my lifestyle through the principles of efficiency and control. Non-Human technology plays a huge role in this discovery as I realized that I have a give and take relationship with the technology that I use daily. These different pieces of technology contain aspects of life that I hope and will access, which will increase my interaction and becoming controlled by technology around me. Secondly, life has become more efficient after transitioning to college. The change between a small country like The Bahamas compared to the continent of United States. However, as both countries correlate to be modernized, The Bahamas and the United States are far beyond different as the Bahamas being perceived to be less efficient. For example, Bahamian high school neglected the access to students by not providing individuals like myself with “up to date” technology such as written documentation, chalk boards, wooden desks, and teachers still manually calculating grades. However, having the opportunity as a college student my perspective tremendously changed to the wide variety of efficiency that Saint Leo University offers through unique Technology that creates a better way of life. This is an ideal fact that humans are controlled by technology through the of the functioning of id cards what holds all personal documentation, finger print scanners, online assignments, and communication via email. As a result, the use of these technology enhances my efforts to produce outstanding work.
Ritzer outlines five dominant themes within this McDonaldization process which is Control, Predictability, Calculability, and Efficiency. Firstly, Efficiency can be defined as an optimum method towards accomplishing an objective. Efficiency produces best methods in providing a service for people benefits. For example, McDonalds drive-through, this creates persons to get from being hungry to full without standing in lines by faster and convenient way to retrieve food which is more efficient. Also, other establishments practice other ways of efficiency by self-serve gasoline, bank ATM, supermarkets, and microwavable food just to name a few. This can be seen relevant to my life through my high school experience compared to my university encounter. Secondly, Calculability, this emphasizes the total amount of products sold what can also be assessed by the outcomes based on quantifiable. Calculability highlights why quantity is better than quality. For example, through its portion, sizes and pricing. This is evident in McDonalds by their burgers weight and size and their popular food products that produces a big selling profit. Also, McDonalds offer value meals from their dollar menu that is appealing in the eyes of their customers. In Life perspectives., personally I would calculate the amount of person I would converse with in a daily basis. Additionally, to pertaining to fast food restaurants I can estimate the amount of intake on calories and harmful substance that may affect me in the long term. Thirdly, Predictability, in a McDonaldized society people hence to predict outcomes on what to expect from settings, people, personal work and life decisions. Pertaining to McDonaldization Predictability gives the consumer a rational expectation on what to expect when returning. Persons want to have the sense of assurance that the same fun, taste, and welcoming atmosphere would be guaranteed by their next visit. As a comparison Calculability and predictability has common characteristic traits what can be seen through McDonalds menu of their prices. They both share a common interest that consumers can predict that both prices and meal choice would be the same on their next visit. According to George Ritzer’s Book, “McDonaldization of Society”, it explains that fast food worker is proned to behave in a predictable character, by following rules, dictates of their mangers, and the weights of the systems in which they are employed. Predictability is seen relevantly, in life by predicting what going to happen in my life. Also, by setting a daily schedule what helps me to forecast and achieve my daily activities. Lastly Control, regarding fast food places like McDonalds, their unique function of control has evidently been displayed through their amount of store space, adequate lines, uncomfortable seating and the scheduled time to open and close. Also, the use of control is presented by an inimitable method to get consumer in and out at a fast paste, and limited menus. This can be described as the substation of Nonhuman for Human Technology by establishing a task to be repetitive. This too is commonly seen my both customers and employees. Employee are trained to do task precisely the way they were thought. Also, by consumers by making sure they can toe a line when it’s time to be served. Control can be applicable towards my life by the nonhumane technologies that controls oneself to be forced to use and learn technologies in the aspects where persons like myself are in less control by the changing principles of McDonaldization. As a result, we tend to spend more time being entertain by consoles, television and the internet to realized that by the creation of McDonaldization we are all being replace.
After re-evaluating my life up to this point I’ve realized that my life has been McDonaldized highly. Through everyday life the four principles of McDonaldization have been evident in their roles in my life. To the principles such as control as it relates to the friends that I kept in my life or not, or the clothes I chose to wear to school or when I go out. Also, I maintain control when I eat food and what I eat during this time, the places that I visit and the amount of time I spend on each actions such as studying, social interaction, personal time, spiritual time and family time. The principle such as predictability as it relates to the grades that I worked for, and the prediction to be successful and receive a degree in Criminal Justice. Also, in the food that I eat, the clothes that I wear, the classes I chose, the friends I hang out with, and basically the way my schedule plays out through the day. I found my life to be efficient in that I plan to achieve a degree and afterwards positively contribute to my home country to benefit the people that live there. Also, for efficiency in my life I am considered to be a very helpful friend to have, someone who is reliable and very available. Personally, I have always believed that many parts of your life can be calculated and simplified. The process of McDonaldization confirms to me that I can calculate aspects of my life such as the amount of food that I consume in a day and the amount of time you spend completing certain activities. As you are made aware of what you consume and how long you will take when you purchase a meal at McDonalds.
By these examples of McDonaldization my life has been impacted through relationships and personal development. McDonaldization has been represented through my connections with family, friends and significant others. This is because all four of the principles of McDonaldization have been played out through them. This impacted through the effects of the way I act, think, and move towards others. Personally, even before I knew of the process I exemplified different qualities of McDonaldization through my life. These principles working within me helped to develop a great sense of social and political awareness.
It is evidently shown that McDonaldization is a theory presented in the life of many people including myself. George Ritzer created and uses this method to simplify the different choices of life and reality. As a result of this process being presented to me, I recognized the deep connection within my life. I can control the people who are in my life and how things are carried out in my lifetime. Also, I am in full control of the choices I make whether they are good or bad, which means that I can personally determine whether I want to succeed in life, or not. I can also control whether I go out somewhere or not, how much money I spend, and even the things I consume. I can calculate the given time I need to change or to impact the different personal stages in my life. This also amounts to the amount of work I may need to put in to see these results. In predicting my personal development, I can personally think ahead of time on how I would want to achieve my short and long-term goals. To be as efficient as possible I can make choices in life that only benefit me, and benefit others. The people that I keep around me can amount to the efficiency of my life and the amount of success I receive. Lastly, with the way my time is spent on the things that are more vital to my life success can be defined as efficient. The four principles of McDonaldization are beneficial to every person if they are implemented properly within a person’s personal life and their external life.
In conclusion, everyone’s life is defined by the characteristic of a fast food chain. Also, to the fact that everyone’s life comprises of characteristics that fall under the ideologies of McDonaldization. I stand by my previous statement that McDonaldization is a very insidious way to define life and that we should not compare our lives to the characteristics of a fast food restaurant. However, McDonaldization is still an effective way of simplifying life and a new perspective that anyone can take on to define the things that they experience. To conclude, we can all view the method of McDonaldization as an incomplete and tedious way to express aspects of our lives. In which we are all subject to the option of how we choose to use these strategies. Finally, it can be said that George Ritzer had a very interesting idea and perception for how to simplify the things of life.
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