Blake I decide it’s tie for you to

Blake carried her dish to the kitchen after she finished, and cleaned up, while she sat, her arms and legs crossed and smiled at the man who transformed into her own slave boy. Blake turned domestic when he craved an orgasm and feared her punishment.

Laynie checked the clock, “Looks like it’s just about time, boy. Kneel in your spot.” He knew the spot she referred to. While he moved to the top of the upholstered ottoman and knelt with his head down and hands behind his back, he realized Mistress had left the room. She returned carrying a bag. From the bag, she procured a sleeping mask and placed it on his head.

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Laynie crouched in front of him, her face only inches from his own, if he could see, they would be staring eye to eye. “So, tomorrow is your birthday,” she said and waited for his response.”Yes, Ma’am.””And birthday boys have special surprises, right, bitch?””Yes Ma’am.””Do you think I’ve prepared a special surprise for you?” Blake paused in thought, “Um, yes, Ma’am?””That’s right.

Care to take a shot at what it might be, bitch boy?””Will I be able to cum, Ma’am?” Laynie laughed. “Such a one-track mind. You’re a one trick pony, aren’t you?”He blushed. “Yes, Ma’am. It’s been quite a while.” Pain shot across his cheek as she slapped him.

“You will cum when I decide it’s tie for you to cum. Now, will you trust me tonight?””Of course, Ma’am.” “Good boy. Remind me of your safewords, just once each.

” Blake recited – “Red for stop, yellow for caution. Three taps of my foot on the ground if I’m gagged.”Another shot of pain, this time from his exposed ass. “You will always respond to me as, Ma’am, bitch.””Yes Ma’am, thank you, Ma’am.””You ready for the night boy? Don’t ask me anything unless it’s relevant to your safety.” She stroked his back, and her tone shifted to the loving voice she used on an everyday basis.

“Seriously babe, let me know if anything is bad. We’re going to push your boundaries tonight, and while I think it’s going to be fun, you can tell me without punishment.” “Will do, I’m really excited,” Blake replied. Laynie smacked his ass hard enough to elicit a grunt from him. She clicked cuffs into place on his wrists behind his back, and he realized he was handcuffed.”Stand up!”He did and stepped onto the floor. Blake felt his bathrobe as she wrapped him in it and clipped something to his collar, which he knew by the sound, not to mention the weight, was their leash.

Blake followed her lead to the front door of their house, out into the driveway. She guided him into the passenger seat, buckled the seatbelt around him, then, she started to drive. Sitting in the car for some time, Blake could tell from the corners of light at the upper edge of his vision that it was turning dark outside, and his Mistress continued to drive. After what seemed like hours, they stopped. “You feeling good, boy?””Yes Ma’am, I just have to pee.””You can urinate in a second.

” She guided him out of his seat and into a building. That was all he knew. As soon as they entered wherever they were, she removed his robe.Blake stood naked once again, walking with perfect posture behind her, he could picture in his mind his sizeable masculine frame dwarfing her much smaller feminine one. Laynie stopped to move beside him. He felt her grope his ass and slide a finger into the crack between the muscular globes as she continued to lead him on the leash. Odd sounds came from nearby, a type of muffled concert or loud conversation, Blake was confused.

She led him a short distance but could have been walking in circles for all he knew, and he suspected as much, she enjoyed making him do extra work. She stopped him with a slap on the right side of his chest. “Okay, pee.

“He knew better than to ask for privacy, ignoring the feeling of humiliation as it spread in the form of a blush on his cheeks. She flushed for him, Blake was overcome with shock when a blast of cold water hit him in the crotch. “You have to be clean, don’t you boy? Because what you don’t know, is that you’re just about to put on a show.” Laynie sprayed his entire body with icy water, when he was soaked and shivering, she finally stopped the stream and patted him down with a towel.

“Position three, now bitch.” Blake had their positions locked in muscle memory, and by reflex, he straightened his posture, spread his legs past shoulder width, and stood with his hands interlaced on top of his head. His caged cock and balls were on full display in this position, and he was hers for the taking. A moment he long awaited, the click of the lock on his chastity cage, he could feel Laynie gently unhooking the piercings that held it in place. She removed the frontal piece which had encased his shaft and unhooked the O-ring that held his balls and cock captive. He stiffened immediately and felt her replace the ring in the perineum piercing. Was that jingling? Blake had no time to contemplate the odd sounds because Laynie’s mouth was on his cock.

That sensation, with no warning, after nothing but steel and pressure on his dick for several weeks, was incredible, his rod grew rock-hard and stood proudly out in front of him. “There’s my big boy. Aww, you missed this, didn’t you?” Laynie said.

She gripped his dick firmly, causing it to throb and Blake’s hips to push forward into her grip. He stuttered, “Y…y…yes, Ma’am, thank you, Ma’am.” “You’re welcome, bitch boy. And, the next surprise…” She shook his cock and heard it, the jingling from behind his balls. “You’re here with bells on!” She laughed at her own joke. 


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