Blackheads the old cell and the oxide gap.

Blackheads are often caused by active sebaceous glands. Blackheads are made because of the melanic pigments that are made from the old cell and the oxide gap. Black heads also appear black due to garbage in the glands. With simple methods, you can compete with blackheads.Everyone today is affected by the problem of black spots. Especially when these black spots appear on the nose. The black spots of the nose completely ruin the beauty of your face. The nose, black and white, is visible on the nose. Today we will talk about how you can do it at home and remove it. You will try these recipes regularly for just a few days and you will not get the blackheads, but the dust, clay and dead skin will also be clean on the face.20 home remedies for pimples:   1. The use of toothpaste is the best way to remove stubborn pimples from the nose, take a little toothpaste and apply it to the nose and massage it slowly upwards, daily to make this remedy, the pimples will disappear Also, and the skin of the nose is very clear. That will happen. This agent shows its effect in just 1 minute.    2.Besan is very useful to give the face shine and is also very effective to eliminate the cuts of the nose, for that add a tablespoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of milk into a bowl of gram flour and make a good batter. in the keys. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rub and scrub.   3. Wash the skin of your skin with antibacterial cleaners 2 times. To achieve the right effect, choose a cleanser with salicylic acid: it is an effective substance against black spots.   4. Use a good toner or fat antigen on your skin, which can stop the production of extra oil.   5. Peeling: Dead skin cells adhere to the surface of the skin, which blocks the pores of the skin and promotes the formation of pimples. If you remove these dead cells regularly, you will discover a smooth and clean skin without black spots. Rub your face every 2 or 3 times a week.  6.  Steam your skin. The heat of the steam opens the skin of your skin, so that the absurdity trapped in it loosens. After the steam wash your face with cold water and clean it with a soft towel.  7.  A blend of lemon juice and honey is one of the most popular home remedies for removing pimples on the skin.  8.  A tablespoon of cinnamon in a teaspoon of lemon juice is beneficial in the natural treatment of pimples. The turmeric powder can also be mixed in this mixture.    9.Put honey on the face for 15 minutes is also a popular drug for blackheads. You can also apply honey with sugar.   10. Applying on the affected areas with freshly spiced tomatoes can reduce the problem. This is one of the simplest natural remedies for removing pimples on the nose and face.11.The application of lemon juice 2-3 times a day in the affected areas eliminates pimples.12.Rice barley barley, barley flour, roasted in milk, massage with the face with light hands, in addition to the water with steam on the face, will get rid of this problem.13.Mix some lemon juice and some peanut oil and apply it to the affected area, this is the absolute recipe to repair the blackheads.14.The application of lemon juice alone in boiled milk, the face also lays benefits in black heads and torn skin.15.Make a radish powder paste and apply lightly to your face; black heads are also eliminated.16.Grind raw potatoes and apply this paste to pimples, white heads or black heads.17.Make a paste of granulated bark powder and mix with lemon juice and place it on your face. You will get rid of the white head.18.White heads, black heads and pimples always benefit when a dough is made from leaves of small trees and leaves on the face.19.The elimination of dark spots from the nose of the egg is very helpful; First you have to break the egg and add 1 teaspoon of honey and make a good dough, at least put this dough in the black spots of the nose for 15 minutes and then wash in hot water, doing so In the daily routine, the black points of the nose start in a few days to shrink.20.The best you can do is put some shine on the water surface, mix a tablespoon of salt every day in a bowl of water and put it on the black nose every day, in a few days the black spots will start to shrink.


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