Black them. Black Faunus snails are humble

Black devil spike snail is also called Faunus ater. The dark shell color looks attractive but often these little creatures are underrated for keeping in an aquarium. The color of these snails ranges from many different shades between dark chocolate brown to glossy dark brown and to shiny deep black.  They can grow significantly large and look gorgeous. A full grown black devil spike snail can measure up to 8 cm which is quite a large size for a snail.

For keeping it in an aquarium, because of the size of the snail it needs a larger capacity aquarium. Also, keeping them enough space in the aquarium is important. The surroundings should not be crowded with heavy vegetation or decorative rocks and shells. Their shells feature a spiral long structure shape.

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The tapers with sharp ends rather look like a spike. The body of the snail is black, gray or chestnut brown. Water Parameters Temperature: 72-77 F put here in celciuspH: 7.5-8.

5Hardness: 15-25 dH put here in dGH valueThey can survive in freshwater but for breeding, they need to be in brackish water. They are found in Thailand and other parts of Asia in brackish waters.  They are close relatives to the famous Trumpet snails of Malaysia but in size and shape they resemble more to Giant Sulawesi Snails. Their best habitat is brackish waters.The sturdy nature of these black devil spike snails makes them quite unique.

They are mostly active unlike the Giant Sulawesi Snails. They go around the aquarium several times a day and keep the environment clean and good. If the temperature goes down and water becomes cold, their tough nature bears it without getting affected. But if there grows natural plants and weeds in the aquarium, black devil spike snails nibble at them. That is why it is strongly recommended that your choice of aquarium decoration should not include too much live plant if you are keeping black devil spike snails in it. You can keep other beautiful types of snails and shrimps together with them in same aquarium and do not worry about the presence of black devil spike snails.

They are very peaceful and proper for community tanks.FeedingBlack Faunus snails survive on algae specially the green algae that grow in the aquarium but if algae in the tank are all consumed they can be fed with algae wafers.  Sunken vegetable matter and dry foods like cuttlebone are also a good food for them.

 Black Faunus snails are humble and modest. They do not harm their aquarium mates. They just search for uneaten food and decaying plant matter and algae. Their hard shell protects them from other fellows in the aquarium.

But if you have Pufferfish in your aquarium, do not add black devil spike snails in the same tank, because these fish can tear the snail shell exactly like parrots can tear a guava. But for a wide variety of aquarium fish, they make a decent fellow.These snails are like Nerite Snails.

They lay eggs that naturally hatch into a larval phase of marine style. But they do not reproduce in captivity and in the home aquarium.


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