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Black Nationalist can be referred to as a member of the group of militant blacks who are involved in advocating for separatism from the whites and forming a self-governing black community. Black Nationalist was involved in reaching for the centuries of the institutionalized white supremacy in the United States. They were involved in the belief that the solution to white racism was the formation of the separate nation for black people. Majority of the Black Nationalism was anti-Semitic and anti-whites. Black Nationalism can be referred to as a political belief which was practiced by African Americans as separate people who are having a different historical personality who were politically supposed to be involved in the development of their structures which were geared towards defining defending and developing the interest of blacks as people. Black nationalism was traced in the eighteenth century by one of the black nationalist, William Burghardt DuBois who was the most intellectual and prominent black during the period. W.E.B DuBois was involved in organizing African communities for responding into continual of the African American racism and oppression which they were experiencing from the whites. The Black Nationalism which was led by the WEB DuBois arose as a result of racism that African American were facing daily and economic exploitation that they faced as a result white supremacy. The aim of web DuBois to be involved in Black Nationalism was to find solutions for the problems which were being faced by the African Americans on the daily bases in the United States (Du, Bois pp. 27). The paper discusses W.E.B DuBois and Black Nationalism.
W.E.B DuBois (William, Edward Burghardt DuBois) was one of the Black Nationalist who was involved in fighting for the racism and economic stress which was being imposed on African Americans in the United States. He was born in 1868, February, 23, in a place c great Barrington at Massachusetts in the United States. He was one of the American sociologist, author, historian, editor and an activist who was significant black protest leader in America during the 20th century. This was as a result of the supremacy of whites over the blacks during the 20th century (Du, Bois pp. 227). As a black activist, he was involved in fighting for supremacy in the United States where whites were dominating in the society.
After the end of the civil war, African Americans were experiencing worse condition which was the semi-free semi-slave situation. For instance, there was the tendency of blacks of being involved in controlling the work schedules and processes but they were forced to be involved in giving up the fruits of their hard work since they were not the landowners. This contributed to keeping the blacks under the dominance of the whites and experiencing poverty in the United States. Again, economic status of the black people was affected by the introduction of mass production where machines were introduced making most of African Americans to lose their job hence leading to the poverty. Black people were underpaid and again machines reduced the job opportunities (Essien-Udom, pp. 207) . This contributed to W.E.B DuBois to be involved in Black Nationalism where they were fighting for the improvement of their economic status in the society.
Nevertheless, African Americans were involved in experiencing racism in the United States. Which was one of the main problem which was faced by the black people in the United States? The blacks children were denied access to education, blacks were convicted without having performed any crime and were even burned. The black people were not employed having a qualification which was necessary for the job opportunities in the United States. This racism was communicated by DuBois in his essay “A Negro Nation within the Nation,” (Du, Bois pp. 533)
In order to survive such conditions and to be in a position of defending themselves against racism, oppression and exploitation W.E.B DuBois led the black people where he led black’s nationalism movements in the USA. He led the African American in forming social relationships within the community which was normally centered around the churches. WEB DuBois believed on separation and forming a separate community from the whites will lead to fighting of racism and economic exploitation and oppression which was imposed by white’s supremacy in society (Bloom pp.250). He led to black people coming together so as to fight against their oppression, racial discrimination, and economic exploitation.
The nationalism by the DuBois was involved in circulating between three forms. The most influential Black Nationalism was his the pioneering advocacy which was involving pan Africanism. This was based on the belief that all African Americans were having the same interest and were supposed to work in unity in the struggling for their freedom. Pan Africanism contributed to fighting for freedom in the USA. He was the front-runner of the initial pan African meeting which happened in London in the year 1900. Also, DuBois was the draftsman of 4 pan African assemblies which were happening between 1919 and 1927. Secondary, DuBois was involved in articulating for cultural nationalism. In his editor work like the crisis, he was involved in encouraging for the development of the black literature and art where he was urging his readers to recognize the beauty lying in the blacks. This was for the purpose of making black people to be recognized as important people in the society.Lastly, W.E.B DuBois Black Nationalism realized where he believed that black people were supposed to be engaged in developing of the separate economic groups of consumers and producers cooperatives (Moses pp. 200). Which were to be used as the weapons of fighting economic discrimination and poverty which was being experienced in the united stated states as a result of racism.
To conclude, W.E.B DuBois was a significant Black Nationalist in the USA. He was involved in fighting for the racism, economic oppression and exploitation which was being experienced among African Americans as a result of White’s supremacy in the society. In his nationalism activities he believed that African Americans were to come together and unite in fighting for racial discrimination in the society. The nationalism which was carried out by DuBois was circulating between three forms. First, it included pan Africanism where he was the leader of the first pan Africanism which was held in London. Again, it involved cultural nationalism where DuBois was involved in making the readers of his literary work to see the beauty which was in the black people. Lastly, DuBois nationalism emphasized the belief that black people were to unite so as to be in a position to fight for racial and economic discrimination in the USA which was experienced in the 20th century.


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