The where he lived, but I do know

The author of this short story is Edgar Allan Poe. I’m not sure to where he lived, but I do know he lived in America. He wrote about this subject probably because of superstitions, and how they could make you go crazy. I don’t think he conducted any research; it might have been an actual experience for. We’ll never know.This story was about him, his wife, and their pets. It mainly focused around the companionship of his black cat that he kills.

I believe it reflected life in his time; there wasn’t any evidence showing a time period. The character has a cat that follows him everywhere and he starts to get moody and driven by anger. One day he gets so mad and drunk that he takes the cat’s eyes with a pin knife.

Later in the story he hanged the cat in a tree. A few nights later his house burns down. When the find a new place to live he finds a new black cat with a white of fur on its chest and it too is missing an eye. The same thing happens this time too. The cat drives him to madness some how and he tries to kill it with an axe but his wife stops him and he ends up killing her.

He hides her corpse in the wall and once people notice she is missing the cops show up to his house. Right before they leave he gets arrogant and then out of nowhere a cry of sorts comes from the wall. The cops knock down the wall and find her decaying corpse and the cat sitting above her.I really liked this short story. I couldn’t put it down.

I enjoyed reading it so much that I read it twice. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes to read.


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