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BIRMINGHAMCITY UNIVERSITYAssignment  ProjectManagement MethodsProject to Design, Build & Install an Emergency Power Plant ata Tidal BarrierMSc  Session2017-18                                            NAME:SADAF SHIREENSTUDENTNUMBER: 17155376  Table of Contents:Introduction. 3Gantt chart 3Earned Value. 4References. 7                 Project to Design, Build and Install an Emergency Power Plant at aTidal BarrierIntroduction:In general projectmanagement is regulation of managing,planning, controlling, implementing, and closing work of group to achievespecific requirement & meet specific success standards.  Project is temporary effort design to producesuperb product, overhaul or outcome with defined start & end assumed tomeet required purpose and unique aims, normally to command huge valuable changeor enhanced value. New project management is importantto attain achievement in project to applied & to manage the project efficientlyin organization.

In addition to proper planning & resource requirement ofproject & others. project management can approximate the implementation budgetof anticipated project & provide essential implications as well as making aschedules and specific path of the actions. What is more project managementsimprove the connection between its provides and members accord with prioritiesof particular table and stable steps?  Insame way, project management can correctly identify risk that can possiblyassess the situations and affects the obliged function during the project planand provides optional solutions in case of failure of the project (Kerzner etal 2013). Gantt chartGantt chart has been developed over Hundred years and it is approachedto stipulate quick & simple grasp to explain the project actions.

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Moreover, it has real confidential inspecting timetable & manually created aswell as across some processes sections to noticing heuristics and recover it.In such cases, there is huge number of data that could be used as a consequence of these proceeding, e-g, What and whenare jobs, and in any of machinery, period, & where cramming and slothhappen. These can effortlessly change the method & make it easier formanagement because they based on issuethat affair them.

Gantt chart is reflected as a dependable way, relieve thecommunication procedure between consumer and analysts as well. It could show anefficient and vigorous way to apply a close communication to arranging. With graspedinto thought that it isn’t the full and final nominal solution (WILSON,2003). The purpose of Gantt chart is to show, clear and bring all activitiesthat track the project where all these features contain start and finish dates.Besides, it is to distinguish the demotionof any action in the project through Gantt chart. Some of the advantages ofGantt chart is self-specific & accurateschedule for the growth & addition of project and could arrange an orderly,tidy and neat and clean. With these benefits and reward, there are certainproblems that may encountereed on theGantt chart (WREN,1994).

 UsingGantt chart may be a main influence and assistant to all those expert and peoplewho use it or who are in touch with it, as well as to rose the objects that go intoprotrude in order to be performeed. Itcan be considereed as an envious ofgraphical scheme & also arranged and developed a specific period of time. Whatis more or an additional, it can take moreplus point or advantage of Gantt chart when they are applied, useand implemented on tiny projects due to very fewer difficulties orcomplications than major projects, and the addition in that could be easilychange or edited (PROVOST,1961).  In existingor current   projects, Gantt chart is the most frequentlyor commonly used implement or tool and enters the data that is use in planningand control. After a review or you can say after survey or research had made onmore than 740 project managers, found that Gantt chart is the 4th on the basis of the utilization of this tool, after all that survey or research out ofa total of seventy technical and tool-related project management (BESNER AND HOBBS,2008).

 Usually, Gantt chart is used or implement onprojects to be assessed or measured from the timing of the responsibilities oraccountability in the project area before the start of the project. However, when the project enters to a next orupcoming stage, it will be than possible to contrast or examine the actualperformance of the project with the expected performance,and it is meant to be by this performance. Wecan describe all these in other word, it become only possible to managethe complete time for the project in the case, if these projects took deviated from the performance that is expected andtry to find out it and process in the way better than it was. Therefore, some exact steps and measures need to be taken, in the exclusion of most of the dangerous obstacles that may affectthe project as well as may cause to rearrange the actions in the project inorder of importance. These actions can describe,that it will affect performance & efficiency of the project (LEVINE,1986).  Earned Value System (EV)EarnedValue (EV) is a technique and too that is mostlyused in projects for an early finding or discovery and that it can showor indicate us about the future of the project, in about 15% of projectcompletion it makes it clear to project manager that project manager that how isproject going on. With these predictions it makes it clear that the projectmanager & the required finace or technique is necessary to complete orreached to the task planned, pre-assumption or the exact costs of the projectand in a very restrict range of significances of the time. In the case of wherewe are not fully satisfied with the management ofthe final results obtained, other very quick actions can be taken to change thefull and final requirements and in the beginning of implementation of theproject (KOPPELMAN AND FLEMING, 2000).

 One saying is “You can’t manage what you can’t measure… or on theother hand we it can be figure out like, whatgets measured gets done.” – Bill Hewlett. Similarly,Earned Value (EV) a verysegnificant or very critical tool in project management which have a significant plus points for the management of arrange,cost and possibility of the project.

Moreover,it can be obtained using the importance of the process of retrieve to avery quality data & analysis to better & effectively require preparation on the basics of the attainmentprocess & standard in the basics of earned value management (EVM). Further-more project managers relay on earnedvalue enormouslyy, to find out the problemsand issues that happens in projects and especially those that grow larger andmore complex (Kupec, 2015).  Morethan that, Earned Value (EV) is a tool what is enhance than other typical toolsin managing tasks and performance, so the system data depends on the followingbasis:-  Actual value to complete the work (AC).-Budget or the value of the planned value of the work which is to be implemented(PV).-Earned value a completed physical work (EV). Withthese, the expectation of different data & slandered  to make decision-makers much more reasonableand sensible, as project, comes from the point of view to actual performance (Fleming and Koppelman, 1998). Therelationship b/w earned value management (EVM) and actual costs of the project is shown in the figure below aswell as the information on the projectschedule. Figure (1) Source: (Com, 2008)               References: https://www., J. M. (2003) ‘Gantt charts: A centenaryappreciation’, EuropeanJournal of Operational Research, 149(2), pp. 430–437. https://www. Provost, Sr. R. G.(1961) ‘The contributions of Henry Laurence Gantt to scientific management’, The Journal of Industrial Engineering,Vol. 12 (1), pp. 62–65.https://www., H. (1986) Project Management Using Microcomputers.McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.

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John Wiley & Sons.


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