Biomedical be trained to do. This field involves

Biomedical Sciences is the foundation of revolutionising our world’s health care system with the aid of cutting-edge technology available today. Anatomy and intricate methods are used to investigate illnesses and create adequate solutions for individuals. The diagnosis of my father’s development of Type 2 diabetes gave me the opportunity to accompany him to his medical appointments. This, in turn, expanded my understanding of human physiology.

Ever since I have desired to broaden my interests in the distinct branches of science by studying a biomedical course. The fact that blood tests can help identify many life-changing diseases including diabetes, HIV, and cancer, is truly an eye-opener. Hence my ambition to pursue a career as a hematologist was sparked.

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The complexity of carrying out tests and studying samples are aspects that I am eager to be trained to do. This field involves medical research, which is a notion that I would like to pursue. I furthered my knowledge of science by participating in the Extended Project Qualification where I undertook a dissertation on the causes behind heart attacks. I have also worked with a Ph.

D. mentor to research a cure for blindness, whilst in the Scholars Programme with the Brilliant Club. These kinds of activities have strengthened my skills in written communication as well as the enthusiasm to study this degree. To gain an insight, I participated in a placement at a GP surgery.

This gave me a valuable understanding of the workings of a medical field. My role included communicating with patients, which allowed me to build on my interpersonal skills whilst also undertaking admin duties. During my time at the surgery, I was given the opportunity to shadow the doctor whereby I observed the way in which he would engage with his patients and learned how to measure blood pressure. I am currently volunteering at a care home for elderly residents as a care assistant, where I acknowledge the importance of care values and how to work in a team. As a Biomedical Scientist, a key requirement of the profession is to have attention to detail when testing samples; this has been encouraged by all three of my A-Level subjects.

Studying chemistry has enforced my analytical skills, by identifying and justifying chemical reactions. This skill was utilised during mathematics when problem-solving, enabling me to handle complex concepts using efficient methods. Biology has taught me how the body functions and the interaction between activities. The link of the sciences in a medical context, drove me towards biomedical sciences, as it amazed me how a single molecule of DNA, is liable for features, diseases, and even evolution. Carrying out twelve investigatory practicals for the sciences has led me to grasp the ways of using equipment and the suitable methods required in a laboratory. Results of each test were evaluated, manipulated and then plotted onto a graph, by hand or using software such as Excel.

This combination of A-Levels has allowed me to build informed cross-curricular links and has provided me with a range of assets required to prosper as a biomedical student. I possess self-confidence, an invaluable skill that I was able to gain from being a keen Veena student. My passion for the instrument allowed me to participate in charity events as a stage performer and led me to get a distinction at Diploma Level.

Gaining an award, I have started to mentor younger students. This involves confidently leading groups and communicating effectively in one-to-one sessions. I strongly believe that university will offer me the opportunity to widen my understanding of biomedical science and help me to excel in myself in a more advanced environment.

Not only does this course create positive impacts on lives, it also provides a potential for me to enter into a new realm of science. My dedication to learning makes me a perfect candidate for this course and I wish to convey this whilst at your university.


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