When did the life appear

Q. 1. When did the life appear on earth? Ans. Life appeared almost 4 billion years ago. Q.

2. Which theory of origin of life is accepted by scientists? Who proposed it? Ans. Chemical evolution by Oparin and Haldane. Q.3. What are fossils? Ans.

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The remains of hard parts/impressions of life forms found on rocks is called fossil. Q. 4. Illustrate an example to divergent evolution. Ans. The presence of forelimbs with similar anatomical structure in different organisms is divergent evolution. Q.

5. Give one example to homology in plants with names. Ans.

Thorn and tendril of Bougainvillea and Cucurbita. Q. 6.

What is convergent evolution? Ans. Organs that perform similar function but are anatomically different shows convergent evolution i.e.

wings of birds and butterfly. Q. 7. What is the basis of adaptive ability to be inherited? Ans. Genetic basis.

Q. 8. Name the person who proposed the idea of mutation causes evolution and what did he call it. Ans. Hugo de Vries, Saltation.

(Single step large mutation) Q. 9. What is founder effect? Ans.

The drift in original population due to genetic drift is called founder effect. Q. 10. Name the animal that evolved into amphibian.

Ans. Coelacanth—the lobe fin fish like animal. Q.

11. Can we call human evolution as adaptive radiation? Ans. Yes. Because the evolutionary process started in a given geographical area— Q. 12. Attempt giving a clear definition of the term species.

Ans. The evolution of an individual due to adaptive radiation is called a species.


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