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is the scientific study of all living things, and is one of the most important
things to understand and appreciate in life. Biology provides a comprehensive,
scientific understanding of how all living and nonliving organisms interact
with each other along with insight on how diverse life forms are. Everyday life
is filled with different examples of biology as it allows humans to better
understand their bodies, the resources available to them, and also exhibits
potential threats in the environment.

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Biology is important to my life because it is in constant
existence every second of every day. Whenever I inhale and exhale, respiration
is taking place within my body, and each cell receives oxygenated blood and
releases carbon dioxide and other excretory wastes. The study of biology provides
answers about how our bodies function, such as the ability of the mighty brain.

Like the brain, the heart is one major tool that works tirelessly during our
life span to keep us alive by running blood throughout our body. The study and
use of biology links us to the world we are living in and reminds us of our relativeness
with all of the other life forms.


Biology plays a significant role in the developments of many
modern technologies. For example, the study of new medicine is impossible
without the access and understanding of biology. Medicine is dependent on the
basis of biology. The study of biology is often used as a bridge that leads to
the actual discoveries of groundbreaking medicine today. The basics of biology
such as cells, tissues, and different systems break down into key elements in
the importance of medicine. Scientists are able to work with cells to come up
with new therapies to help people with overcome devastating injuries. The
innovation used today in biology is leading to new treatments, such as stem
cells, which have the potential to become any kind of cell.


Another key factor that biology plays in life is providing
us with clean water. The wetlands saturated by water act like natural sponges,
holding onto water and slowly filtering it around the plants that live there.

The natural filtration system involves the water slowly streaming through the
wetlands, allowing plants and microorganisms to absorb the harmful human wastes
such as fertilizers and sewage. Thus, the natural water becomes safer for both
humans and other animals to consume.


Finally, the biology of life leads to both physical and
mental changes throughout our life. During puberty, the body goes through an
incredible transformation based solely on the signals from potent chemical
messengers called hormones. A natural reaction of hormones being released may
even cause the conscious mind to have the ability to make all of the decisions.

Biology affects all aspects of everyone’s life. We as humans are living
organisms that actually eat other living organisms. Having the knowledge of how
our bodies work and react is crucial in the overall performance of one’s life.


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