population others, to organizations, society, nature, universe.

population to the detriment of the young.

This crisis is mainly due to the desire of women to have equal social status with that of men and effective birth control practices.Increased life expectancy is due to the development of medical and pharmaceutical sciences and techniques, healthcare services, and people’s desire to have a healthy lifestyle.The major cultural values of a society relate to the way people relate to themselves, to others, to organizations, society, nature, universe.

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The standard of living of many Romanians[1] does not allow them to embrace their health as it should and declare that they would make more analyzes if they had the possibility.This also generally manifests a passive attitude towards the state of health, and sleep, practicing physical activity. These attitudes attempt to be combated through various campaigns in the media to raise awareness of the importance of health and prevent illness.Against the backdrop of increasing consumer awareness, bio and eco trends are growingPolitical Factors : Not a few electoral campaigns have included in their programs direct references to stimulating the national economy by attracting strategic investors. The pharmaceutical sector is no exception, as evidenced by the massive takeover moves of some domestic producers by large international groups.The body involved in the development of investment projects by attracting and maintaining foreign capital in the economy is the Agency.

Another political possibilities for pharmaceutical companies to sell OTC medicines from 2014[2]The politicians have decided that the citizens can purchase online medicine without prescription, after a political debate and project which has been approved in 2014, where the government can give pharmacies to right to sell online medicine without prescriptions.Some political Factors1. Improve and strengthen pharmaceutical sector legislation, align with EU requirements:- pharmaceutical inspection, inspector status;rules of good practice, including rules on donations  drugs;- supporting the local industry;- the marketing authorization for medicinal products;- regulating the circulation of orphan drugs.

2. Increasing the availability and accessibility of medicines: – providing the database on statistical information on  consumption of medicines;- drawing up the list of compensated medicines;- drawing up the list of essential medicines;- provision of medicines in deprived areas;3. Encouraging rational use of medicines:- continuous training of pharmacists, doctors, public information –  self-medication;- development of therapeutic guidelines;- improving the prescribing of medicines;- physician – pharmacist – patient relationship.4.

Defining, improving and strengthening the pricing policy:- pricing policy;financing of the medicine (coverage of costs due to use  medicine in the health system);- compensation under the national health insurance system3.5 Using Porter 5 ForcesFor a company to choose its own strategy, it is necessary to quantify the intensity and nature of its manifested competition in its own activity sector. The Porter’s 5 Forces could become useful here, this is a model based on 5 factors which express it’s influence on the competitive environment of each specific sector of activity è   The rivalry among the current competition The analysis of the rivalry[3] in the sector of activity reveals a relatively low competition by the existence of approximately nine pharmacies that offer competitive [1] http://www.ziare.com/pensii/pensie-privata/standardul-de-viata-la-pensie-a-milioane-de-romani-va-fi-afectat-de-lovitura-aplicata-pilonului-ii-asociatia-utilizatorilor-romani-de-servicii-financiare-1488915 [2] https://www.avocatnet.ro/articol_38321/Medicamentele-care-se-elibereaza-fara-reteta-vor-putea-fi-cumparate-online-numai-de-la-anumite-farmacii.html[3] https://www.wall-street.ro/articol/Companii/213677/infografic-harta-farmaciilor-din-romania-care-sunt-judetele-invadate-de-marile-lanturi.html


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