Bio of economic, environmental and social factors that

Bio Resources and the Bio-Fuel obtained along with the energy generated due to the utilization of agricultural wastes, has been the source of global energy, primarily for cooking, heating and several other small industries. It provides several benefits, socio-economic, economic, environmental ranging from heat, electricity and transportation. They can play a very important and prominent role in attaining sustainable development goals with policy making and decisions that encourage future growth of these fuels. But, the utilization of agricultural wastes for the production of bio-fuels needs attention, awareness and action to arrive at the goals and for a better future. For example, in the recent case of Delhi smog caused due to the burning of agricultural wastes in the nearby states of Delhi, i.e. Haryana and Punjab. This is being carried from several years and when the zenith of pollution and suffocation reached, the government opened its eyes as NTPC decided to buy those wastes and residues from farmers to avoid burning and use in the production of bio-fuel for electricity generation in the near future.

Biofuels and specifically the generation from primary bio resources, example – agricultural crops and other forest wastes and materials have shortcoming as well as challenges to generate at a large scale.

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·         The area of land required for the generation of biofuels from agricultural crops is massive and large leading to problems like soil erosion, deforestation, burning, pollution, fertilizer run-off and salinity.

·         Regional Suitability and Availability regarding Water, Invasiveness, Fertilizer Use and other limitations.

·         Land Use changes

·         Robust and Sustainable supply chain


This requires a will and joint consideration of economic, environmental and social factors that span multiple spatial and temporal scales. “State of art” assessment for adopting the changes to fulfill the economic and environmental objectives in the challenges in the design of bio-fuel supply chains requires a strategic approach and overview.



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