Job’s celebrated by his children. Satan’s envy to

Job’s wisdom is clearly depicted in the scriptures of the Holy Bible: American Edition (1978) under the Book of Job as outlined below. I. Prologue (1. 1-2.

13) II. Job and His Friends (3. 1-31. 40) a) Job’s complaint (3. 1-26) b) The first dialogue(4.

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1-14. 22) c) The second dialogue (15. 1-21. 34) d) The third dialogue (22. 1-27.

23) e) In praise of wisdom (28. 1-28) f) Job’s final statement (29. 1-31. 40) III. The Speeches of Elihu (32. 1-37.

24) IV. The Lord answers Job (38. 1-42. 6) V. Epilogue (42. 7-17)In the prologue, it was portrayed that Job was a wealthy and righteous nobleman.

He has a large family, many flocks of animals, many servants, and was the richest man in the East. `His righteousness is carefully designed to protect his family that he even offers sacrifices for sin that might have been committed inadvertently during the feasts celebrated by his children. Satan’s envy to Job who was acclaimed by the Lord that “there is no one on earth as faithful and good as he is” (Job 1. 8), tempted Job twice hoping that Job will turn away from the Lord.Everything Job has was gone and he even got sick with a dreaded diseases.

However, Job remains faithful to the Lord. In the next part, Job and his friends were having conversations. Job utters his complaints to the Lord, nonetheless, his friends comforted him and encourage him to be strong and have faith in the Lord. God reminds all men to be wise and must have reverence for the Lord and turn from evil. After Job’s three friends shared their comforting words, Job made his final statements of his case where he narrates his story since when he still prosperous until his sufferings.Elihu, a bystander who happens to be there, approach Job and his three friends and made some speeches for Job.

This wise young man is sharing with Job some brilliant words to remind Job not to say that he is innocent in God’s sight, or ask God on what he gains by not committing sins. The Lord finally answers Job with authority. Job replied and humbles himself, accepts his weaknesses, and acknowledges God to be the most powerful. The Lord reprimands the three friends of Job for not speaking the truth to Job what they given a chance by the Lord to repent and offer some offerings.The Lord then blessed the last part of Job’s life even more than he had blessed before. CONCLUSION The wisdom of God has been beyond man’s comprehension.

It is amazing that God allowed Job to suffer deeply, though he was just testing or measuring the faith of Job, but it’s normal to Job to react the situation based on his limitation. Nevertheless, the story of Job depicted that persecution and sufferings may sometimes used by God to test or strengthen the faith of the faithful.Job’s wisdom has made him successful in enduring all the sufferings believing that God is always there who knows everything what is happening, and knows the future better than anyone else. This story encourages everyone to persevere amidst difficulties in life.

It emphasizes the importance of faith that is founded in a strong foundation with God. In today’s situation, many people could not bear with several trials because it seems that nobody wanted to go out from their comfort zones.This can be manifested through the present happenings where a country fights another country just to protect and advance personal interests.

On the other hand, one could not take out from others mind the perception that sufferings are initiated by evil. In fact, what happened to Job is a manifestation of the evil but with the consent of God. God probably allows Satan to tempt Job and take out everything from him because He knows that Job’s faith to Him was too strong and that Job will not deny Him.God’s reward to Job is a sign of hope amidst great trials and sufferings. He rewarded Job by giving everything more than what Job had. This is a triumphant celebration for Job who had overcome all the temptations and sufferings, in which case, God proved that Satan could not defeat God’s chosen people.BIBLIOGRAPHYBratcher, Dennis 2006, “The Character of Wisdom”, Biblical and Theological Resources for Growing Christians.

Accessed 14 April 2007, available from http://www. cresourcei. org/wisdom. html; Internet.

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