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The bible is quite possibly a recollection of historical facts mixed in with false history and used for religious propaganda. First of all, back In “Jesus’ day”, the churches had a larger influence over the people than the Government did. I believe that the church produced the 10 Commandments, beatitudes, and its lessons for many purposes, including the significant one of stability within society, like laws do today. In other words, the Commandments were the law back then.

One of the 10 Commandments states that you must believe in God. In Revelations, it says that if you die believing in God, you will resurrect upon the “new” earth, where there is peace and harmony. There is supposedly a new earth because the first will have ended. The Revelation also proclaims that if you die and do not believe in God, there is no hope for you and you will be cast upon the lake of fire. Does this not sound like this was written to motivate people to believe? I assume that the majority of people that believe in God do for the reason in which I call the “comfort factor.” It’s comforting to think that there is life after death. Some people would give up on life if they were not told/taught that there is a better, more fulfilling life awaiting us all after this one (I believe that this is also why the church says that it is a sin to commit suicide). The only catch is that you “must” follow the rules of the bible and church and you must believe in God.

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If growing up you learned what I had just enlightened you on, you would have most likely immediately believed in God, especially with the encouragement of your very own family. Seriously, if you are told that you will suffer for doubting God, do you think that you would be very hesitant to consider God’s existence? Of course not. This whole life after death obsession is a well-thought-out scheme to assist in giving people the ultimatum of following the rules of the church or burning in the lake of fire for eternity. When you are young and naive, this seems like a simple choice. Wouldn’t you agree? Now the pieces are beginning to fit the puzzle. The churches may have interpreted that the people would fall for this hoax, but they knew that the people would be somewhat hesitant. This is where the whole explanation about the purpose of how this lifetime is to prepare for the next comes in.

Being able to pull off convincing so many people to follow the Catholic religion and the Holy Bible goes to show that the churches must have consisted of some bright and persuasive people. In other words, the leaders of the catholic churches and religious organizations (in my mind) were nothing but a bunch of propagandists. It must have also come to their attention that they would need reasons to moralize each preaching. By having morals and reasons for everything they preached, the church gained the peoples trust and faith.

So by having people in this trance, so to speak, where they would be more reluctant to break the rules of the church because they want to get into “heaven”, the church was successful in maintaining or even increasing stability (let’s say) within society. Very clever isnt it!? My additional proposals are: – How can there be several religions with diverse gods and rituals in the world? They are mostly just opinions or structured systems, which keep society in order, like a government. – Lets say that there is a God and that he is truly as forgiving as proposed to be. If I died an atheist, would he not understand my train of thought and empathize for my disbelief? Think about it! – I’m not saying that we should not have religion or faith because religion is what gives us a sense of something to live for among other things. Without it, humanity could easily become corrupt. So if you believe in God, then good for you! The only problem is that you are being hidden from what may not be the truth or what may not be the entire story. – “Religion; Oxymoron.

..Religion is a red herring used to maintain stability within society! Therefore, it is both good and bad.” One of my own quotes – I’m not here to alter your beliefs or convert anyone to atheism, but just to share my thoughts and opinions. I SCRAMBLED THIS WORK TOGETHER ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO AND JUST FIXED UP SOME OF THE VOCABULARY.



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