“Say: series of religious lectures by a

“Say: ‘Do you see whether this message be from Allah (God Almighty), andyet you reject it, and a witness from among the Children of Israel bore witnessof one like him.

‘ ” (the Holy Quran 46:10) Mr. Chairman, Ladies andGentlemen, The subject of this evening’s talk – “What the Bible says aboutMuhammad” will no doubt come as a surprise to many of you because thespeaker is a Muslim. How does it come about that a Muslim happens to beexpounding prophecies from the Jewish and Christian Scriptures? As a young man,about 30 years ago, I attended a series of religious lectures by a Christiantheologian, a certain Rev. Hiten, at the “Theater Royal”, Durban inSouth Africa. Pope or Kissinger?: This Reverend gentleman was expoundingBiblical prophecies.

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He went on to prove that the Christian Bible foretold therise of Soviet Russia, and the Last Days. At one stage he went to the extent ofproving that his Holy Book did not leave even the Pope out of its predictions.He expatiated vigorously in order to convince his audience that the Beast 666mentioned in The Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, was thePope, who was the Vicar of Christ on earth.

Christian scholars are ingenious andindefatigable in their efforts to prove their case. Rev. Hiten’s lectures led meto ask that if the Bible foretold so many things – not even excluding the”Pope” and “Israel”, – then surely it must have something tosay about the greatest benefactor of mankind, prophet Muhammad, may the peace ofAllah be upon him. As a youngster I set out to search for an answer.

I metpriest after priest, attended lectures, and read everything that I could lay myhands relating to the fields of Bible prophecies. Tonight I’m going to narrateto you one of these interviews with a Dominee of the Dutch Reformed Church.Lucky Thirteen : I was invited to the Transvaal (South Africa) to deliver a talkon the occasion of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.

Knowing that in thatprovince of the Republic, the Afrikaans language is widely spoken, even by myown people, I felt that I ought to acquire a smattering of this language so asto feel a little “at home” with the people. I opened the telephonedirectory and began phoning the Afrikaans-speaking Churches. I indicated mypurpose to the priests that I was interested in having a dialogue with them, butthey all refused my request with “plausible” excuses.

No. 13 was mylucky number. The thirteenth call brought me pleasure and relief. A Dominee VanHeerden (“Dominee” is the Afrikaans equivalent of “priest”)agreed to meet me at his home on the Saturday afternoon that I was to leave forTransvaal. He received me on his verandah with a friendly welcome. He said if Idid not mind, he would like his father-in- law from the Free State, a 70 yearold man, to join us in the discussion. I did not mind.

The three of us settleddown in the Dominee’s library. Why Nothing? I posed the question: “Whatdoes the Bible say about Muhammad?” Without hesitation he answered:”Nothing!” I asked: “Why nothing? According to yourinterpretation the Bible has so many things to say about the rise of SovietRussia and about the Last Days and even about the Pope of the RomanCatholics?” He said: “Yes, but there was nothing about Muhammad!”I asked again: “Why nothing? Surely this man Muhammad who had beenresponsible for the bringing into being a world-wide community of millions ofbelievers who, on his authority, believe in: the miraculous birth of Jesus, thatJesus is the Messiah, that he gave life to the dead by God’s permission, andthat he healed those born blind and the lepers by God’s permission. Surely thisbook (the Bible) must have something to say about this great leader of men whospoke so well of Jesus and his mother Mary?” The old man from the FreeState replied: “My son, I have been reading the Bible for the past 50years, and if there was any mention of him, I would have known it.” Not Oneby Name! I inquired: “According to you, are there not hundreds ofprophecies regarding the coming of Jesus in the Old Testament.” The Domineeinterjected: “Not hundreds, but thousands!” I said: “I am notgoing to dispute the thousand and one


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