The a meeting with him. Beowulf talks with

The introduction is about learning who the people are and where they are from and what countries they rule. They introduce Hrothgar, he is the king of Denmark.

Grendel is the demon. He only comes out at night to fight. In one night he killed about thirty people, men. Hygelac is the king of Scandinavia. He automatically assumes that Hrothgar needs help so he gets fourteen of his finest soldiers ready to go to Hrothgar’s kingdom to fight Grendel.I think that they are saying that the Grendel has gone into Hygelac’s kingdom. He was looking for the king; or Hygelac’s men went into Hrothgar’s kingdom looking for Grendel.

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Hygelac’s are taking a boat and waiting at the shore of Hrothgar’s kingdom, for the Grendel.Hygelac’s men go to Hrothgar’s kingdom and meet up with Wulfgar; the king’s main man or right hand. Wulfgar is saying that he hopes and wants them to help him and king Hrothgar fight the Grendel. Wulfgar takes them, Hygelac’s men, to king Hrothgar’s castle, for a meeting with him. Beowulf talks with king Hrothgar. Beowulf says he will be able to defeat Grendel.Unferth is jealous because Beowulf is bigger, better, stronger and has more experience in fights.

It’s about Unferth telling what he remembers of the battle of Beowulf and Breca, but Unferth leaves out a few things and Beowulf tells his side of the story. Beowulf says that he felt bad for Breca and because he got so tired of fighting sea beasts; that’s why Breca won the race. It shows that Beowulf has a heart and he has compassion. Unferth is jealous because Beowulf has most of the attention and Unferth doesn’t have much.Hrothgar throws a party for Beowulf as a way of saying good luck in you battle and telling Beowulf he’s the only guy he trust to protect his castle and kingdom. Beowulf gets ready for battle and pretends to sleep in his armor as his way to try and lure Grendel in.

Grendel shows up and sees the men sleeping on the floor, and thinks that it’s dinnertime. He eats on soldier and then comes to Beowulf. Beowulf and Grendel are fighting in the castle and Beowulf isn’t letting go of Grendel so he can’t leave. Grendel realizes that he’s getting weak and tired so he knows he’s been defeated because Beowulf ripped his arm off. Grendel then goes running away to hide and die. Beowulf gives Grendel’s arm to Hrothgar as a trophy.

The next morning people are talking about the battle between Grendel and Beowulf, and all the men that moved to live on the outer border of the kingdom are coming back. Hrothgar throws a thank you party for Beowulf and he proclaims Beowulf as his son and now heir to the throne. Beowulf then nails the arm to the wall and makes a scene about how Grendel won’t be coming back to kill anymore. The people of the kingdom finally get a good night sleep in twelve years.


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