Benthamalso argued, that punishment should be quick and necessary as the thought ofreceiving a milder sentence would make a greater lasting impression on the perpetratorthan the fear of a more awful one which is united with the hope of not beingpunished at all. In this way, the ‘uncertainty’ is more traumatizing for the accusedbecause of the irregular emotions that they experience, making the wholeprocess disadvantageous. Beccaria was also very critical of the death penalty,and saw it as wasteful, and of questionable deterrent value, denying thecommunity the person’s future potential contributions. Here he remarks on aprospect where a reformed offender could later on become a successfulreintegrated citizen. Yet, society is essentially robbing them of that chancewhen they condemn them to death which serves no purpose for either parties inthe distant future.

Beccaria in his thinking departs from the utilitarianarguments and adapts a retributive defence; which considers individual autonomy aboveeverything else.  

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