Benjamin impact on the events that have made

Benjamin Franklin was the sole person who has started the whole entire revolution but besides that he was the true biggest part of the constitutional convention. Ben always had a positive attitude to the situation at hand like when people argue he will be there to stop it and set things straight. He is also very supportive of everything that the people talk about and is always willing to help. Ben was also a key role in signing the constitution of America and making sure that everything goes the right way. As all of the delegates had continued to argue Benjamin Franklin would lead them in saying how things should be done. As his life continues he will make a bigger impact on the events that have made the country what it truly is and everything that will happen from the Civil War from later in time all the way to WW2 .Benjamin Franklin has changed how people see this great land and country even by just giving some people who need help the education that they deserve to giving even the older people the advice that they need to be a true delegate. Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706 and was born in the very famous city of Boston, Massachusetts.  Ben was so good in his education that he was able to teach himself everything that he knew from math all the way to his very good writing skills. Between the ages of ten and twelve been had been an apprentice to his dad in candle making and also soap making. After he had finished his apprenticeship with his dad he had went on to work for his half brother James which is where he had figured out how to become a printer. Ben’s first ever public writings were 14 secret essays in the New England Courant and this shows what his views were on all of the events that have been going on. Benjamin was closed to his dad because when he was younger he had always loved being his apprentice and working with him on every job that his dad told him to do. As Ben had started to go on with his life he had became a very famous Printer in Philadelphia which would lead to one of his spots in the continental congress. Benjamin Franklin was the biggest “powerhouse” in the constitutional convention with ideas that were different from most people but the same with other ones.  Ben had believed that having one person lead everyone was a bad idea and that it would be better if a committee had ruled over the people almost like the constitutional convention but he is otherwise considered a liberal. Franklin was one of the very few people who had paved the way for the great compromise by suggesting to the whole entire convention that the larger states would have a certain amount of people based on the population in the lower house. In the upper house thought things would be way different by having an equal number of representatives to each state so that nobody would think that it is unfair to one state. In 1787 the constitution was finally completed but not everyone had wanted to sign it so Ben being so smart had wrote a letter to every person who did not agree with it to try and get them to agree with it. Ben also did not agree to slavery being a thing because he was part of the northern states who had truly never thought that slavery should be a thing and every person should be free and they can do as they please. If I personally had to give Benjamin Franklin a grade for his importance in this constitutional congress I would have given him a super strong A because of his huge impact for each person that was in this. If Ben had never even been a part of this, the constitution would never have been signed and that means that America never would be what it is right now like slavery maybe even two different countries. Benjamin had made sure that if something was going wrong it would be fixed to the best that it can be, he had persuaded people to sign the constitution to later pass it, and finally he had one of the biggest roles in making the great compromise in the government. On top of all of this Ben was not in very good health with him being at about 81 years old and his body is slowly wearing out so if he is able to give as much advice as he can to these people it would help everyone that is present to gain the knowledge that he has gained over time. In summary, this was a well deserved grade for everything that Ben has done through the whole war from the treaty of Paris all the way to the constitutional convention where his thoughts were used all the time in the delegates minds. Benjamin Franklin has changed the way that us Americans have lived today if he was not around then maybe we would not be able to be called that and there would be British territory where America is now. Ben had taught everything that he knows to himself all the way from his views of politics and slavery to the upper and lower houses having a certain amount of people that are in them from small and big states. Ben had also signed the treaty of paris which had led the US to be free from the rule of King George and we could now be our own states. Most of the representatives did not want to sign the constitution so Ben had stepped in writing a letter to all of them saying why they should sign and now almost all of them have signed it. All in all, Benjamin Franklin has left a mark on all Americans and people from other countries saying his political points of view and also helping everything go right in the favor of the American people and nobody else.


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