Bengaluru taken the safety net of pure

Bengaluru is conquering different heights in terms of development. Unfortunately, on the negative front Bengalurus air is no treat to our lungs.As the number of vehicles on road, construction of building  increases day by day with development, so is the number of pollutants in the air which keep increasing further and further. This results in pollutants such as sulfate, nitrates and black carbon, which goes deep into the lungs and cardiovascular systems posing the greatest risks to human health. There are more contributing factors towards making the situation critical like the stone quarrying, granite export, sand mining,  and destruction of vegetation, etc. All of these factors have taken the safety net of pure air around us putting us in to risk.Various studies  conducted all across India has shown Bengaluru to be comparatively safer than many other cities in case of quality of air. For this results let us be thankful more to the trees that survive here.When smog has already choked Delhi, it is time for Bengaluru to think of practical ways to come out of the risk and make it a better place to live with pure air to breathe.   The situation here comes under a threatening light as the number of medical cases associated with it increases. The rate of heart diseases, respiratory diseases, skin diseases etc are increasing. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness and act on air pollution.The air can be cleaned through our simple care. Taking all actions considering the nature, planting trees, checking automobile pollution, keeping air cleaning house plants etc. All these are simple measures that can be taken to avoid the ill effects that prevails in Bengaluru.Dust is a headache both outside and inside the buildings here. But the situation becomes worse when we are exposed to the outer world. “To walk on the roadsides for a few minutes in Bengaluru is a hectic task with heavy traffic and dust.”, according to Marisa, a  student who walks daily for the college.Pollution is an issue for all. Even the restaurants on the roadsides face much difficulty. Shinoj Joseph , an owner of a coffee shop in Bengaluru says, “the dust is a major problem which affects the number of customers and the cleaning work increases, as it demands for time to time careful cleaning.”Our simple and careful act can clean the air. Let us be aware and take proper actions. Let the days with the safety net of pure around us come back here and let all be healthy.


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