Benedict Army by surprise in Quebec City,

Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut. Arnold received his schooling at Canterbury. While away at school, a few of Arnolds siblings passed away from Yellow Fever.

Arnold was a troublesome kid that would try just about anything. As a 14-year-old boy, he ran away from home to fight in the French and Indian War. Later, Benedict Arnold left and returned home through the wilderness alone to work with his cousins. The army had excused him without penalty because of his young age. In 1762, when Benedict was just twenty-one years old, he went to New Haven, Connecticut where he managed a book and drug store and carried on trade with the West Indies. (B Arnold) In 1767, he married Margaret Mansfield, a daughter of a sheriff of New Haven County.

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They had three sons together. When the Revolutionary War was just beginning to break out, Benedict Arnold became a prosperous ship owner, merchant, and trader. Within days, Arnold became very interested in the war once again and joined the American Army. All of the battles Arnold commanded over showed immense courage and bravery, but he was soon known as Americas greatest traitor due to his betrayal of the Americans. As the Revolutionary War broke out, Benedict Arnold decided to volunteer to head over 1,000 men up to Maine. He asked for additional men from his companies to join the army. Arnold then became a captain in the Connecticut Militia.

General George Washington had his favorites, which Arnold was among the very few. So, Benedict Arnold was sent on an infernal 500 mile march to Maine by Washington, also known as “The Rock”. (Macks 72) Benedict Arnold and only about fifty percent of his original soldiers made it to the St. Lawrence River where they met up with General Montgomery. Their plan was to attack the British Army by surprise in Quebec City, Canada. Both Montgomery and Arnold arranged to start on the lofty mountainsides of Quebec. Arnold and his soldiers found themselves trapped by the British.

A member of the British Army shot a musket ball directly towards Arnolds leg. His leg was badly broken and he had to be taken to a hospital bed almost a mile away from the attack. The attack had lasted fifty days and the secret journey resulted in a catastrophe for the volunteer soldiers who marched away. The conditions were terrible. It was said that almost fifty percent of the men froze, starved. Forty of the fifty percent of the worn out men died before returning home.

Many people believed that they would have all died if it were not for the extraordinary field general-ship. (Lake Champlain) The Massachusetts Committee of Safety became suspicious of Arnolds behavior and conduct. Benedict was fed up so he resigned his commission at Crown Point, New York. Arnold tried to persuade the General of New York into letting him invade Quebec. Arnold understood that he would later face consequences with the Massachusetts Committee because of his actions, but he prepared himself. Benedict came up with a petition and accumulated over 500 signatures from Northern New Yorkers. (M. Flynn) The petition showed the Americans appreciation of his accomplishments and good deeds.

Arnolds wife had been sick with an illness for quite some time. The news soon made it to him that Margaret had passed away. Arnold proceeded back to New Haven to bury his wife and go through her belongings.

Arnold met with General Washington once again and informed him of his plan to invade Quebec City for the second time. Arnold would go up the Kennebec River into northwest Maine and would then travel through the woods, while Schuyler would head directly north. (M. Flynn) After meeting with the Massachusetts Committee of Safety, Arnold was dismissed of any errors. While patiently waiting for Schuylers decision, Washington ordered Arnold to stay on campus until the word came through. Colonel Arnold and General Washington validated sixteen thousand men on September 2, 1775 before heading off to Canada.

(M. Flynn) Arnold ended up choosing a little under one thousand men to take with him on the attack. Washington had additionally added three hundred more soldiers from Pennsylvania and Virginia to

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