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“Belly Up”By Stuart GIbbsLexile: 8201.) The main character of Belly up is Theodore Fitzroy.

Theodore’s personality is revealed when he gives Chimpanzees at FunJungle ( a Zoo) water balloons to defend themselves against people who break the rules of the zoo and throw food at their heads, not trying to feed them, but rather harass them. This makes him stand out as a Defender and a lover of Nature. Theodore also seems to have a sophistication with animals as he talks about how cool hippos are in his mind when a Code Red occurs near Hippo River. Theodore is very curious. When he was younger, living in Congo with his parents in tents, he adventured with his is wildlife researcher dad into caves with giant bats and snorkeled with blue whales.

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2.) Introduction Theodore “Teddy” Fitzroy and his parents had just moved to a new American zoo and theme park called FunJungle fow work. His mom is a famous gorilla researcher and his is a dad famed wildlife photographer. Teddy and his parents had been forced to leave the African Congo because there was a civil war that had occurred.

They began working at FunJungle, the closest they could get to being on a real safari.The story of Belly Up starts of with the introduction of 12 year old Theodore Fitzroy getting in trouble with the FunJungle security guard named Marge O’Maley, who flexes her tin badge everywhere she goes. Teddy had gotten in trouble because he set out water balloons for Chimps to throw. Then he was being taken to his mobile home, until a Code Red was sounded at Hippo River. Action Teddy has a flashback of when he was a kid, while getting pulled on the ear, and talks about how it was like to live on a safari. Then he talks about how it’s cool to be able to see a Code Red because he hasn’t seen one in action before. When Teddy and Marge reach Hippo Valley, they see that a beloved Hippo named “Henry the Hippo” flipped belly up in water that has Hippo poop floating on top.

By the time they were there, there had been more than a considerable amount of people crowding around Hippo Valley, stunned at the death of Henry. Henry had been considered the mascot of FunJungle because he was in every advertisement that FunJungle had, even before they’d fully opened. Soon Doc had to investigate the death of Henry, and explained that Henry had died from Peritonitis. Peritonitis is caused when there are holds in the small intestine. Doc had concluded that Henry was murdered because there was an extraordinary amount of holes in the small intestine. Then Doc investigated even further and said that he was murdered, but only telling Martin del Gato who is the director of operations and Pete Thwacker who is the head of public relations.

Rising ActionA day later, Teddy hears a stranger talking on the phone about Henry’s death and finds out that Henry was murdered. Teddy then rushed to police, telling them that Henry had been murdered and that he knows who murdered him. Teddy tells the police to follow him, but the stranger that was on the phone isn’t there anymore. After the police hadn’t believed him and the stranger was gone, Teddy went to his parents and told them everything about he’d heard the stranger say. His parents didn’t believe him and he knew that was only one choice left, finding the killer himself. Very quickly teddy had ran into some problems and decided that he could use some help. Teddy talks with J.

J. McCracken, who is actually the founder of FunJungle, if he could see his daughter and that Henry the Hippo had died. Mr. McCracken insist on Summer (daughter) and Teddy knowing each other better and so he allows for them to hangout. Teddy tells summer about Henry’s death and they go looking in Henry’s dirty swimming pool. Ewww! II:^{ Meanwhile, Teddy and Summer find a jack a at the bottom of the pool.

Both summer and Teddy believe that the jack was the murder weapon. The ends of the stems had been pierce and sharp to the point. Teddy and Summer then decide to show Doc the evidence hoping that he would take a look at it and help them. Yet, Summer and Teddy get instantly shut down by Doc and are told to stop their investigation.

ConflictOne main conflict that I found was person vs. Self when Teddy gets frustrated because he can’t find out who killed Henry the hippo. This is Person vs. Self (internal) because Teddy considers if he will ever find out who killed Henry and battles with thoughts of if he should quit searching or not.  Another conflict in the story is when the killer finds out that Teddy and Summer are trying to find out who he is, and sent a message to Teddy pretending to be Summer to go to the snake exhibit.

When Teddy arvies, there’s no one in sight, but the glass separated the snakes from everyone is shattered. Snakes spore out and try to bite Teddy, but Teddy gets away. This is considered to be Person vs. Person (external) because the killer tried to kill Teddy.

ResolutionShortly after Doc’s disagreement, Teddy receives a text from someone portraying as Summer. The text read “Meet me at World of Reptiles. Black Mamba exhibit. 7 PM. Summer ” When Teddy had gotten to the Black Mamba exhibit, there was no one in sight, beside the threatening snakes that had been freed in order to kill Teddy. Luckily, Teddy was able to escape the wrath of the vicious snakes and in the next day  animal control was sent in to help FunJungle. Summer and Teddy then create a list of possible suspects, but Teddy’s mother and Buck find out and promptly turn him down. (Buck is the head of security) The next night, a new exhibit had been planned to be opened, named “Carnivore Canyon” and Teddy was going to be in danger.

The killers unleashed tigers out of the exhibit to kill Teddy. Although nobody got injured, Teddy’s parents finally got some sense and thought that it had been time for them to help out Teddy and find the killer. Henry’s funeral had been scheduled for the next day and Teddy’s parents sneak into the administration building with the help of summer, hoping to find some information that could help them find the killer. Sadly, his parents get arrested by Buck and are wrongly accused as being member of the Animal Liberation Front (These people were thought to have killed Henry and commit the Tiger attack.)Teddy ends up going to the funeral service and heads to the crane holding Henry’s coffin. Teddy, mistakenly, activates the controls to the crane and unleashes the remains the dead Henry over everyone.Security guards start chasing Teddy and Teddy starts looking for Doc. When looking for Doc, Teddy finds J.

J. and J.J. tells him everything. EVERYTHING GETS REVEALED.

The killers of Henry had been Martin del Gato and Buck. Martin has been smuggling jewels in animals from South America to the United States. The jewels he would smuggle would have to be sewn into the animal’s organs and then removed afterwards.

Doc had been blackmailed into removing some of the jewels. One night, Buck had be confronted by Martin about the jewels because he wanted some of the money that Martin would make from the jewels. Martin then threw a bag of jewels he had from Martin into the nearest exhibit, Hippo River.

Henry then ate the jewels and they were forced to retrieve them from Henry’s stomach. To get the jewels back as fast as possible, Buck fed some of the really sharp jacks to Henry. The two of them then got the jewels from Henry’s body before Doc could find them inside. Also, it was revealed that Buck was the one that had cut the glass to let the snakes out and he was also the one that let the tigers loose.Conclusion: The killers were caught, Teddy’s parents were freed, Teddy never gave up, and Teddy becomes a hero. A party is then hosted for Teddy and new staff members join the crew.

3.) I feel as though the mood of Belly Up was EMPOWERMENT. I feel this because everyone wanted to put Teddy down for investigating a crime scene and trying to find the killer.

“… Teddy, our security could easily find a murderer if there was one that kill the Hippo.” (pg. 181) Many people didn’t believe that Henry had a killer and that a kid could be able to find one.

“There is no reason for you to need to investigate by yourself.” (pg. 132) Teddy questioned “..

. how does she expect security to be able to catch a murderer if she says they can’t even stop a rude teenager.” (pg. 281) and knew that he was truly the only one to be able to caught the criminal “.

.. no one helps…” (pg. 190).

Yet, Teddy still pulled through and even convinced some of his non believers to become disciples. “Okay, I admit it, I smuggled emeralds… But I did it for the park!…” (pg. 343)4.)   The theme of this book was that if you believe in something and believe that what you believe in is right, then do want to think is right. Even though others may disagree.

This theme is shaped when Teddy had problems on if he could really do what he set out to do. If it even mattered anymore. Still, Teddy had believed that there was a killer out their and believed that he could catch him. even mattered anymore, but luckily continued to believe that what he was doing was right and it paid off.


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