believe I wish to pursue. My enthusiasm

believe I was around the age of 13 or 14 when I was intrigued by the world of finance. When asked “Why finance?” I always answered, “Because I love money”.However superficial that may sound, it is undoubtedly the first reason I decided to venture into the financial industry.Growing from a child to a mature young adult in those 5 years, I have found that my ardour in finance is not purely due to money but also how the aggressive challenges in the market can affect people, how uncertainty is introduced by trading and most significantly, the way finance can build a better world.

Gradually, I discovered that finance and accounting are inseparable.This is evident in the interpretation of a financial statement, a skill that correlates accounting and finance.Thus, I have chosen accounting and finance as the undergraduate program that I wish to pursue.            My enthusiasm in finance was deepened when I realised that efficient market hypothesis is one of the most controversial investing theories.From my perspective, I think that this hypothesis is dubious because of these questions.First of all, it is unrealistic to assume that all investors obtain the information at the same time and will have the same response from the same information which proves that the financial market will always exhibit asymmetric information and failure of this hypothesis is possible.Secondly, the super-normal profit which captivates investors in the stock market will cease to exist if there is “efficient market”. If so, how many people will continue to involve themselves in the market with low incentive? These are among the few things which I would like to have a deeper understanding while pursuing my studies.

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              Ever since my interest in finance surfaced, I always keep up with worldwide financial and monetary news.The issue of the Rohingya refugee crisis caught my attention for my country,Malaysia, accepted those evacuees, and I believe will have an huge impact on the Malaysian economy.I regarded the policymaker in Malaysia as a financial specialist, the citizen as blue chip and the refugees as venture capital. The financial specialist exchanges part of his capital from blue chip to invest in venture capital with the expectation of boosting benefit, for instance, increase economic growth by a rise in aggregate supply.

However, all of this starts with the prerequisite of being able to speculate whether this venture pays itself back in the future, all the while considering the ability to manage the misfortune caused by this venture, for example, retaliation from Myanmar and causing political turmoil in Malaysia. I’m spellbound by how a financier constructs an enhanced speculation portfolio.Thus, reading financial magazine such as Money will always be my favourite past time for reading such magazine will give me more insight on the topic which is not covered in school.          In my years as a student, I always strive to balance my academics with my personal development.During the year in college, I was actively involved in Environmental Club and my participation in club’s activities played a prominent role in shaping and defining who I am.

As the event coordinator of Environmental Club, I always try my best to organise more enthralling and delightful for our club’s members.My experience in communicating with sponsors for my events has given me a taste of what it is like to negotiate and persuade potential investor in investing a project. To achieve success for each event requires teamwork and cooperation from all members. These experiences helped me develop my communication and interpersonal skill and have prepared me with the management skill which is necessary for this course.         No one in the world is perfect, and I wouldn’t be the exception.

In spite of that, I always aspire to reach greater heights. Thus, I’m here to master the language of business, to enrich myself with the knowledge related to my lifelong passion. I’m ready to overcome any obstacles that may come my way!


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