Being anxiety too ascends when completing all

Being pregnant and having a child can be the best moment in a person’s life and exciting for a family. It brings happiness in every aspect with the flowering of a child. Even though anxiety too ascends when completing all the responsibilities, it fades off and joy is what remains.

However, at this stage for some mothers, happiness is replaced with a disorder termed as the postpartum depression. This state is also known to be as the “baby blues” , where pregnant women about 40 to 80 percent undergoes a complex mix of emotional, physical and behavioural changes after the birth of a child. This condition could take place just after a few days of delivery and would last long for about two or four weeks.

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The strongest predictors of postpartum depression were past history of psychopathology and psychological disturbance during pregnancy, poor marital relationship and low social support, and stressful life events (O’hara & Swain 2009, pg.37). Furthermore, O’hara and Swain indicated that low social status showed a small but significant predictive relation to postpartum depression. Most of the time researches have viewed this as a complication of giving birth, as it occurs after the birth of the child. I’m very much interested about this topic because, this is to the field of health and I my self has experienced it with my first child


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