Being migrant interdiction, marine environmental protection, ice operations,

Being apart of the coast guard is not easily attained but is one that is enjoyed by those in the field.

Thesis: To pursue a career in the U.S coast guard, one must consider the educational requirements, duties, opportunities, and future of the profession. There are strict physical requirements to even be processed. Educational requirementsAny of the U.

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S. military branches have many educational and physical requirements.American Military University has been  ranked as one of the top military colleges in the nation for the past 20 years.”The boot camp facility at AMU became famed for always having its lights on, and the american flag flying as the rookies almost never left the building.” (3)The age requirements for the military are between 17 to 27 for active duty and 17 to 39 for reserve duty. To meet the educational requirements, one must pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test with a minimum score of 36. One must also obtain a High School Diploma, however, sometimes a GED is accepted. (2)The physical requirements for the Coast Guard, are that recruits must be healthy and pass a physical fitness test at basic training.

All recruits must know how to swim before completing basic training. Members of the Coast Guard must remain fit for full duty by maintaining their Maximum Allowable Weight (MAW) according to specific guidelines. DutiesNearly 42,000 men and women are actively serving in the Coast Guard to defend America’s borders.

They’re responsible for an array of maritime duties, like ensuring safe and lawful commerce and performing rescue missions in severe conditionsThe Coast Guard performs 11 official missions that are port and waterway security, drug interdiction, aids to navigation, search and rescue, living marine resources, marine safety, defense readiness, migrant interdiction, marine environmental protection, ice operations, and law enforcement. (5)Along with search and rescue, port and waterway security is the Coast Guard’s primary homeland security mission. Port and waterway security also involves prevention of terrorist attacks, counter-terrorism preparedness and response operations all fall within the scope of port and waterway security.The main duty of the Coast Guard is to protect and defend America’s borders.Opportunities (Outlook & Salary)As a U.S.

Coast Guard employee, you can benefit from many work-life and support programs.Depending on your rank, coast guardsmen get paid from a range of $55,000 to $136,000. (1)This career also has many benefits like the Worker’s Compensation Program, fitness centers , morale activities, discount ticket programs, flexible work schedules, mass transit subsidies. (4)Some of their educational benefits are computer training, leadership and professional development training, federal government training, other education programs.In the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS), .8% of your basic pay is contributed each pay period to your retirement annuity.ConclusionThesis: To pursue a career in the U.

S coast guard, one must consider the educational requirements, duties, opportunities, and future of the profession. When you work for the U.S.

Coast Guard, you will encounter daily challenges and opportunities that will build a solid foundation for your future.


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